John Cage - Cursive II | Opus Arte OA0952D

John Cage - Cursive II


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Label: Opus Arte

Cat No: OA0952D

Format: DVD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Ballet



Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Of Taiwan
Lin Hwai-min (choreographer)


Cage, John

Cursive II


Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Of Taiwan
Lin Hwai-min (choreographer)


Cursive II is a masterpiece by Lin Hwai-min choreographer of the highly acclaimed Moon Water and Bamboo Dream. Inspired by the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy, this work is both commanding and seductive. The superb Cloud Gate dancers, trained in meditation, Chi-Kung and martial arts, touch you with original movements, fierce as striking thunder or soft as flowing ink on rice paper. The complexity of energy is further enhanced by the music of John Cage, while the blown-up images of ‘ice crackles’ from Sung porcelain shimmer with delicate beauty. This production exquisitely filmed by dance expert Ross MacGibbon captures the meditative aura of the dance.

Extra features

Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dancing - an introduction to Cursive II with Lin Hwai-min. 'Floating on the ground' - a documentary by Reiner E. Moritz, portraying Lin Hwai-min, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. of Taiwan and Cursive II in the context of the company’s history, including interviews with the choreographer, dancers and creative crew.

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