Beethoven: The Piano Sonatas | Deutsche Grammophon 4479662

Beethoven: The Piano Sonatas


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Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Cat No: 4479662

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 8

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 13th November 1995



Wilhelm Kempff (piano)


Beethoven, Ludwig van

Piano Sonata no.1 in F minor, op.2 no.1
Piano Sonata no.2 in A major, op.2 no.2
Piano Sonata no.3 in C major, op.2 no.3
Piano Sonata no.4 in E flat major, op.7
Piano Sonata no.5 in C minor, op.10 no.1
Piano Sonata no.6 in F major, op.10 no.2
Piano Sonata no.7 in D major, op.10 no.3
Piano Sonata no.8 in C minor, op.13 'Pathetique'
Piano Sonata no.9 in E major, op.14 no.1
Piano Sonata no.10 in G major, op.14 no.2
Piano Sonata no.11 in B flat major, op.22
Piano Sonata no.12 in A flat major, op.26 'Marche funebre'
Piano Sonata no.13 in E flat major, op.27 no.1 'Quasi una fantasia'
Piano Sonata no.14 in C sharp minor, op.27 no.2 'Moonlight'
Piano Sonata no.15 in D major, op.28 'Pastorale'
Piano Sonata no.16 in G major, op.31 no.1
Piano Sonata no.17 in D minor, op.31 no.2 'Tempest'
Piano Sonata no.18 in E flat major, op.31 no.3 'The Hunt'
Piano Sonata no.19 in G minor, op.49 no.1
Piano Sonata no.20 in G major, op.49 no.2
Piano Sonata no.21 in C major, op.53 'Waldstein'
Piano Sonata no.22 in F major, op.54
Piano Sonata no.23 in F minor, op.57 'Appassionata'
Piano Sonata no.24 in F sharp major, op.78 'A Therese'
Piano Sonata no.25 in G major, op.79
Piano Sonata no.26 in E flat major, op.81a 'Les Adieux'
Piano Sonata no.27 in E minor, op.90
Piano Sonata no.28 in A major, op.101
Piano Sonata no.29 in B flat major, op.106 'Hammerklavier'
Piano Sonata no.30 in E major, op.109
Piano Sonata no.31 in A flat major, op.110
Piano Sonata no.32 in C minor, op.111


Wilhelm Kempff (piano)


“Wilhelm Kempff was the most inspirational of Beethoven pianists. Those who have cherished his earlier stereo cycle for its magical spontaneity will find Kempff's qualities even more intensely conveyed in this mono set, recorded between 1951 and 1956. Amazingly the sound has more body and warmth than the stereo, with Kempff's unmatched transparency and clarity of articulation even more vividly caught, both in sparkling Allegros and in deeply dedicated slow movements. If in places he's even more personal, some might say wilful, regularly surprising you with a new revelation, the magnetism is even more intense, as in the great Adagio of the Hammerklavier or the final variations of Op-111, at once more rapt and more impulsive, flowing more freely. The bonus disc, entitled 'An All-Round Musician', celebrates Kempff's achievement in words and music, on the organ in Bach, on the piano in Brahms and Chopin as well as in a Bachian improvisation, all sounding exceptionally transparent and lyrical. Fascinatingly, his pre-war recordings of the Beethoven sonatas on 78s are represented too. Here we have his 1936 recording of the Pathétique, with the central Adagio markedly broader and more heavily pointed than in the mono LP version of 20 years later.” Gramophone Good CD Guide 2010


Those who have cherished Kempff's later, stereo cycle for its magical spontaneity will find this quality conveyed even more intensely in his mono set, recorded between 1951 and 1956. The interpretations are the more personal, the more individual, at times the more wilful; but for any listener who responds to Kempff's visionary concentration, this is a magical series.
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