Conner - Riddle Songs | Delphian DCD34227

Conner - Riddle Songs


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Label: Delphian

Cat No: DCD34227

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 23rd October 2020



Stef Conner (voice, lyre)
Hanna Marti (voice, harp)
Everlasting Voices


Conner, Stef

Riddle Songs


Stef Conner (voice, lyre)
Hanna Marti (voice, harp)
Everlasting Voices


This is an album of new music with very old words. No songs in Old English have survived from the period in which the language was originally used. And yet everything we know of Anglo-Saxon culture – as preserved in written texts or rediscovered by archaeologists – presents a compelling, if tantalisingly incomplete, picture of a society in which the creative impulse was central. For singer and composer Stef Conner, this incompleteness is not an obstacle but a challenge … to rise to feats of imaginative daring which are also acts of informed historical sympathy.

Riddle Songs is a concept album with a difference: a personal vision of a world just out of reach. Its music and its stories, its seasons and its creatures are addressed or conjured up in hymns, spells, and that most Anglo-Saxon of poetic forms – the riddle.

Conner’s settings draw on English folksong, medieval music scholarship and a range of unlikelier inspirations to make something entirely her own. In around half the tracks she duets with early-music specialist Hanna Marti, both of them thrillingly poised between creation and rediscovery. In between come richly-layered choral set-pieces, while elsewhere Conner is alone, accompanying herself on a strummed lyre.

At the album’s heart is an intimate communion with our ideas of the past, of distance and of nearness, of knowledge and enduring mystery.

1. Rune Poem 1: Torch
2. Fire
3. Flint
4. Caute cane (Hanna Marti)
5. Hall-joy (Hanna Marti)
6. Rune Poem 2: Day
7. Worldstead
8. Caedmon’s Hymn
9. Sainte Marie (St Godric of Finchale, arr. HM & SC)
10. Rune Poem 3: Earth
11. Seed Spell
12. Sky Lights
13. Rune Poem 4: Stars
14. Flight
15. Swan Lament (anon., arr. SC & HM)
16. Night-bard
17. Song-pack
18. Tide-mother
19. Ice
20. Rune Poem 5: Water

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