Virtuosi Italiani della Chitarra (Italian Guitar Virtuosi) | MV Cremona MVC019047

Virtuosi Italiani della Chitarra (Italian Guitar Virtuosi)


Label: MV Cremona

Cat No: MVC019047

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Expected Release Date: 6th November 2020



The musical project presented on this CD has the actual instrument itself (a Guadagnini guitar from 1823) as a starting point. Its historical uniqueness and fascinating tone have been the reasons that led me to the desire of wanting the qualities of this instrument clearly enumerated and explained. Inside the guitar we can find two labels: the first one reads “Gaetano Guadagnini in Torino 1823”. This is the reason why I wanted to discover what kind of music was popular in Turin in 1823 and, therefore, what kind of necessities Guadagnini had to keep in mind while building his guitars. In this fashion I started researching guitarists and guitar sheet music edited in Turin at that time, analyzing local newspapers, dictionaries, printshops, and editors. I consulted musical sources all around the world, including libraries and private collections, in order to obtain access to the printed music itself. Slowly, a clear fresco of the musical production in Turin began to take form: it was limited but rich at the same time, and within it the Italian style and the guitar found a perfect place. I had found an unexpected musical world made of melodies, virtuosities, musical colours and effects.

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