Afwoyo: Afro Jazz | Naxos - World Music NXW761082

Afwoyo: Afro Jazz


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Label: Naxos - World Music

Cat No: NXW761082

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Jazz

Release Date: 12th June 2020







Milégé is a group of young talented musicians who derive inspiration from the diverse cultural musical traditions of the different tribes of Uganda, which they fuse with contemporary elements. The band’s songs tell stories from Uganda and also reflect typical aspects of everyday life in Africa. Milégé derives its name from an ankle rattle, a bell worn round the ankle to create rhythmic sounds that compliment dance performances.

Reflecting Shakespeare’s declaration that ‘all the world’s a stage’, Naxos is poised to significantly enhance its contribution to the platform for world music. Relaunched and breathing new life, the Naxos World label hits the ground running with recordings that represent both distinct cultures and adventures in fusion. Music lovers around the world can join in sharing the experience of contrasting sounds from unique cultures, aided by detailed and colourful introductory booklets that will inform both newcomers and aficionados alike.

1. Akaburwana
2. Kankutwale
3. Afwoyo
4. Latin Kok Pi Ngo?
5. Kuza Engo
6. New Era
7. Nankasa
8. Akadema
9. Weyo

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