Concerto Grosso: Emigre to the British Isles | Muso MU030

Concerto Grosso: Emigre to the British Isles

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Label: Muso

Cat No: MU030

Barcode: 5425019973308

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Orchestral

Release Date: 28th June 2019



Martyna Pastuszka (violin)
Orkiestra Historyczna


Martyna Pastuszka


Corelli, Arcangelo

Violin Sonatas (12), op.5
» no.3 in C major (arr. F Geminiani as Concerto grosso)

Geminiani, Francesco

Violin Sonatas (12), op.1
» no.1 in G major (arr. C Avison as Concerto grosso)

Scarlatti, Francesco

Concerto grosso no.1 in E major
Concerto grosso no.2 in C minor
Concerto grosso no.3 in A minor
Concerto grosso no.4 in E minor
Concerto grosso no.8 in F major (Alessandro Scarlatti)
Concerto grosso no.9 in D major


Martyna Pastuszka (violin)
Orkiestra Historyczna


Martyna Pastuszka


This CD sketches a portrait of the musical reality of the British Isles during the first half of the 18th century. The eight concerti grossi in this programme have been chosen for the features they possess in common, a primordial position being accorded to the work of Francesco Scarlatti. These are pieces of Italian origin in sonata form; the concerto grosso being the émigré of this programme.

The huge success of the Italian concerto grosso was a response to the necessity of freeing music from a secondary role to which it found itself confined, notably in France with ballet music. Unaffected by the rivalry between French and Italian music that was then raging, the British seemed to be attracted by purely instrumental music; the concerto grosso consequently afforded them a freshness, a boldness, and a hint of unique maestria that held an immediate appeal. Thus it was that the concerto grosso emigrated, as did a number of Italian composerswho responded to the emotional needs and the demands of an English ‘market’ that encouraged artistic initiative, promised financial satisfaction, and offered the opportunity of achieving fame.

This was the case with Francesco Scarlatti; born in Palermo, the brother of the celebrated Alessandro, he made almost his whole career in London and Dublin, never, however, really achieving the expected fame. Few of his works have survived beyond the six concerti grossi featured on this CD; two concerto grosso arrangements of sonatas by Geminiani and Corelli complete this programme, the remodeling of one and the same material being very frequent at this time.

You are invited by the young Polish ensemble {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna, conducted by its first violin Martyna Pastuszka, to journey from Italy to the United Kingdom. Warm, varied sonorities highlight the splendour and expressivity of music that is now lively or dancelike, now gentle, melancholic or meditative. To be discovered!

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