Joep Beving - Conatus | Deutsche Grammophon 4835208

Joep Beving - Conatus


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Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Cat No: 4835208

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 26th October 2018



Streaming sensation Joep Beving releases Conatus, an album of new reworks by acclaimed and up-and-coming artists, such as iconic synth legend Suzanne Ciani and renowned Amsterdam DJ Tom Trago. The album features reworks of pieces from Solipsism and Prehension, as well as already foreshadowing Joep's next solo album with a rework of one of the new tracks. Conatus is a selection of reworks and a further expansion of Joep Beving's desire to create a simple soundtrack to accompany our complex human emotions. Its title comes from the philosophical concept of conatus – an innate inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself.

“If you see music as a living organism, then it’s something that will always adapt to new circumstances in order to stay present. This project is not about me. It is about the conatus of my music and for this album I’ve put their lives in other people’s hands.”

1. Prelude
2. For Steven (Eefje de Visser Rework)
3. Hanging D (Colin Benders Rework)
4. A Heartfelt Silence (Andrea Belfi Rework)
5. Ab Ovo (CFCF Rework)
6. The Light She Brings (Thomas Bloch Version)
7. Hanging D (Cello Octet Amsterdam Version)
8. Sleeping Lotus (Tom Trago’s Sixtine Remix)
9. 432 (Suzanne Ciani Rework)

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