Charrier & Bel: Rising | Radio France SIG11112

Charrier & Bel: Rising


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Label: Radio France

Cat No: SIG11112

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 16th November 2018



Charles-Eric Charrier (double bass, piano)
Laurent Komlanvi Bel (guitar, drums)


Charles-Eric Charrier (double bass, piano)
Laurent Komlanvi Bel (guitar, drums)


The universe of Charles-Eric Charrier and Laurent Komlanvi Bel is composed of textures and structures which transform listening into a form of contemplation. Contemplation of the soundscapes themselves, and contemplation of the moment.

Charles-Eric Charrier is far from being a simple instrumentalist: the highly varied, digressive, uncertain and daring itinerary of his evolution defies description... Even though bass is the instrument he prefers, his playing, undemonstrative and to the point, is simply the reflection of research into improvisation and precise writing. Ever since his musical beginnings, he has always been exploring new horizons, enlarging his perspective, going behind the decor and questioning his own music-making in order to draw up the map of his own inner world.

Music has always accompanied Laurent Konlanvi Bel throughout his life; for him it is a medium, a poetic language, perceptible yet also untranslatable. The meeting of these two artists charts, in complex simplicity, the map of an incredible sound world, playing with chiaroscuro effects and assertive shadows, like so many shifting approaches to listening.

1. Rising
2. Nord
3. Irise (deep end off)
4. Deux seul
5. Eclosion
6. Get up

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