Busoni - Elegies, An die Jugend | Music & Arts MACD1290

Busoni - Elegies, An die Jugend

Label: Music & Arts

Cat No: MACD1290

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 25th May 2018



Carlo Grante (piano)


Busoni, Ferruccio

An die Jugend
Elegies (7), BV249


Carlo Grante (piano)


Ferruccio Busoniís Elegies (1908) and An die Jugend (1909) are experimental pieces that explore new pathways in the composerís harmonic language and artistic evolution. Elegies is an aesthetic manifesto, a wish for a turning point in the composerís creative evolution, but also, more ambitiously, in all future music. Ferruccio Busoni believed that music should be, as he commented to the critic and composer Hans Pfitzner, well meant and full of peace, but this did not preclude the provocative gesture of the Elegiesí exceptional harmonic variety, brought about by new chordal progressions and juxtapositions and giving an impression of a potentially inexhaustible tonality. An die Jugend is a collection of four pieces written in 1909 and published as four separate books in the same year. These pieces share some stylistic features with Busoniís first Elegy, while showing even further experimentation on the composerís part. Carlo Grante performs these works on a BŲsendorfer Imperial Grand Piano.

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