Glinka - Song Recital | Haenssler HC17068

Glinka - Song Recital


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Label: Haenssler

Cat No: HC17068

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 2nd February 2018



Julia Sukmanova (soprano)
Elena Sukmanova (piano)


Julia Sukmanova (soprano)
Elena Sukmanova (piano)


Glinka’s romances and songs reflect the composer’s own feelings in respect of contemporary events and his life. The recording of this recital by the Russian-born German soprano Julia Sukmánova is her way of immersing listeners in the special world of the Russian musical soul. Nowadays, it is rare to hear a recital made up entirely of songs by Glinka. After all, in our day and age there are few artists who aspire to such intimacy and such refined vocal prowess. Drawing on incredible depth of expression to portray the passion and the versatility of a voice that knows no bounds — be it “I watch Inesilla” for tenor or “The Night-time Review”, a classic of the bass repertoire — the soprano exhibits great passion and faithfulness to the text, thus captivating listeners both within and outside the closed circle of Glinka connoisseurs. The delicate German rendition of the song “Do not tempt me...” shows that the composer’s legacy transcends linguistic and national boundaries, touching the hearts of all who listen to it. He is a composer who gives pause for thought and exudes stillness.

1. To a Lyre!
2. In a magical dream
3. Remember, my beloved
4. Dafni
5. Mi sento il trafiggere
6. Ja pomnu chudnoe mgnovenie (Oh, I recall that lovely moment)
7. Tell me Why
8. The Poor Singer
9. The Lark
10. Fire in my Veins...
11. How sweet it is for me to be with you
12. Serenade “I watch Inesilla”
13. Venetsianskaya noch (Venetian Night)
14. Autumn Dream
15. Oh, dear night, the stormy night
16. The Night-time Review
17. Oh, do not say that your heart aches
18. Doubt (Somneniye)
19. The Confession
20. The winner
21. Mary! Mary! (Pushkin / Cornwall)
22. Do not tempt me...

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