Pierre-Adrien Charpy - Sillages | Cypres CYP2623

Pierre-Adrien Charpy - Sillages


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Label: Cypres

Cat No: CYP2623

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 20th October 2017



Raphaele Kennedy (soprano)
Moussa Hema (voice, n’goni, balafon)
Da Pacem


Raphaele Kennedy (soprano)
Moussa Hema (voice, n’goni, balafon)
Da Pacem


“Monographic double album - Pierre-Adrien Charpy's music is an organic multifaceted music, through which run visible strata and unsuspected crevices, enlivened by surface currents and subterranean flows. His way of composing is characterized by stratification, working the depths, renewing formal milestones, employing the resources of creative constraint. The pieces presented in the first volume of this album belong to the composer’s collection of jewellery, his etchings, his small-scale works with the delicate wash of the watercolour or the precise impasto of the paintbrush. The second volume unfurls in one breath a concert-work which is nothing less than a panorama painted on fresh plaster, depicting an almost hallucinatory voyage in which the listener is invited to dance just as much as to meditate. This hour of music, a sequence of baroque, contemporary and traditional music, forms an innovative opening to the music of our time, into which some will venture who would otherwise never have dared.” - Didier Lamare

Collection AVEC on the record label is the fruit of the meeting of the creative worlds of the composer Pierre-Adrien Charpy, the soprano Raphaële Kennedy and the photographer and video artist Isabelle Françaix; it develops a collaboration in which music and image express themselves in a common space that encourages metamorphosis. It enables new creations to live alongside Early Music and folk music: interlacing textures, stratifying memory, dialoguing between different artistic disciplines.

Da Pacem
- Sylvie Moquet (bass viol)
- Yannick Varlet (Harpsichord)
- Pierre-Adrien Charpy (organ)

1. Vivante morte éblouie, for soprano and electronics
2-7. Contes de la pluie et du soleil, for cello and piano
8. Nekamá, for electric guitar and electronics
9-10. Ce corps, for soprano and guitar
11. Sur l’abîme, for harp and electronics
12. My soul’s at liberty, for six mixed voices

CD2: À nos ancêtres, à nos enfants
1. Laudate Dominum in sanctis ejus (extract) (Monteverdi) – Chaconne pentatonique – Interlude – Debbaya
2. À nos ancêtres
3. Usurpator tiranno (Giovanni Felice Sances)
4. À nos enfants
5. É diabaro
6. Canzonetta spirituale sopra alla nanna (Tarquinio Merula)
7. Danse

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