Luca Antignani - Azulejos | Continuo Classics CC777721

Luca Antignani - Azulejos


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Label: Continuo Classics

Cat No: CC777721

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 13th October 2017



Cyril Dupuy (cimbalom)
Aurelie Bouchard (harp)
Ensemble Les Temps Modernes


Fabrice Pierre


Antignani, Luca

Azulejos for harp
Canto d'infanzia
Etude sur 'La vie'
Interludi (2) for cimbalom
Les murs de Jean
Nix et nox
Trio del sogno e del gabbiano


Cyril Dupuy (cimbalom)
Aurelie Bouchard (harp)
Ensemble Les Temps Modernes


Fabrice Pierre


In the history of art, not only in the field of music, there are very particular, almost inexplicable, cases of artists whose origins are mysterious and express themselves with absolute originality. They do not belong to any current and will later be recognized as "prophets from afar". In painting, El Greco is certainly an emblematic example. Where does this painting come from, which uses colour and light in a way that is so different from the style in vogue in the Renaissance and which will be found two centuries later? In music, let us think of Gesualdo da Venosa: where does its extreme chromaticism come from beyond all convention? And the Scarlatti Sonatas or the last works of Scriabin?

Obviously, far from me the idea of comparing Luca Antignani to the artists cited before. But there is something in his music and his journey, something totally personal and difficult to classify, something that one can adore or hate but which does not leave indifferent, like all strong and original things, something that makes particularly interesting the comparative listening of his pieces, immediately identifiable and totally characteristic, whose evolution can be followed from one composition to another.

Ensemble Les Temps Modernes:
- Michel Lavignolle (flute)
- Jean-Louis Bergerard (clarinet)
- Claire Bernard (violin)
- Estelle Gourinchas (viola)
- Florian Nauche (cello)
- Emmanuelle Maggesi (piano)

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