Chronotope Project: Ovum | Spotted Peccary SPM2805

Chronotope Project: Ovum


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Label: Spotted Peccary

Cat No: SPM2805

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 18th August 2017



Pulsing with life and emotion, Chronotope Project’s seventh album, OVUM, is infused with subtle creations of delicate melodic electronic music that seem to come from deep within a dream. Drifting synth textures and spellbinding rhythms wind their way through each track, guiding the musical flow and occasionally supporting cello, flute, Irish whistle, and other organic expressions of melody that are both earthly and angelic. The expansive and thought-provoking soundscapes of OVUM float effortlessly through an array of moods that range from tranquil and mysterious to soaring and open-hearted, offering an impressive ambient electronic experience full of wonder and serenity.

The recognizable hypnotic dreamscapes – always at the nucleus of the Chronotope Project sound – are abundant on OVUM, and composer Jeffery Ericson Allen’s resources include a wide range of hardware and software synthesizers, acoustic instruments and environmental soundscapes. Subtle Berlin-style sequences periodically emerge to lend an incandescent undercurrent to the harmonic and melodic narratives that breathe life into each piece. Ethereal synthesizer pads paint cloud-like harmonies with cirrus strokes, while tribal percussion sometimes appears in the texture to propel a piece to its climax. As with many previous Chronotope Project creations, the expressive sound of the Haken Continuum Fingerboard is frequently featured as a solo instrument.

As an archetypal symbol in art, literature and mythology, the ovum represents the Cosmic Zero; awaiting gestation, growth and differentiation, it embodies pure potentiality and possibility. On a conceptual level, the album’s music, track titles, and artwork combine to poetically reflect on the nature of beginnings, seeds, and primordial states of being. The album’s tracks – inspired by ancient ancestors (Olduvai Dreams), meditation (Ovum), the transformation and first flight of a butterfly (Mariposa), Greek cosmological theory (Emanation), primordial life (Primordial), inner truth (Epiphany), and scientific discovery (Starry Messenger) – all express this overall theme of existence, growth, and fulfillment as the slowly developing soundscapes of OVUM reveal their secrets to those who listen deeply.

OVUM is the seventh album by Jeffery Ericson Allen as Chronotope Project, and the third to be released on the Spotted Peccary label.

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