Heinrich Isaac in the time of Lorenzo de Medici and Maximilian I 1450-1519 | Alia Vox AVSA9922

Heinrich Isaac in the time of Lorenzo de Medici and Maximilian I 1450-1519

Label: Alia Vox

Cat No: AVSA9922

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 2nd June 2017



This new album is not only the opportunity to discover the music of Heinrich Isaac under the inspired direction of Jordi Savall; it is also the portrait of an era during which the Hundred Years War ended, the Medici family reached its peak, the idea of the Reformation surged and Charles V was crowned at the head of an Empire that redefined the idea of Europe, as did the music of this time.


I. c. 1450 Birth of Henricus Isaac in Flanders (Brabant)
1. La morra (instrumental)
1464 Death of Cosimo de Medici (1464), followed by that of his son, Piero the Gouty (1469), at Careggi
2. Motet: Sustinuimus pacem 4 v.
1469 Lorenzo de Medici succeeds them as ruler of the Florentine Republic.
3. Fanfare of the Medicis: Palle, palle (instrumental)
1475 The Treaty of Picquigny between Louis XI of France and Edward IV of England finally ends 100 Years War
4. Motet: Parce, Domine

II. 1485(?) Isaac leaves Innsbruck for Florence.
5. Chanson: Innsbruck, ich mu dich lassen
1486 Isaac enters the service of Lorenzo de Medici.
6. Carnival song: Hora e di maggio

III. 1487 Battle between Genoa and Florence for Sarzanello Castle
7. Instrumental song: A la battaglia
1492 8 April. Death of Lorenzo de Medici.
8. Lament: Quis dabit capiti meo aquan?

IV. 1493 Maximilian I, King of the Romans from 1486, is elected Holy Roman Emperor
9. Motet: Sancti spiritus assit nobis gratia
10. Motet: Angeli, Archangeli 6 v.

V. 1502 Isaac returns to Italy, where he spends time at the Court of the Estes in Ferrara
11. Instrumental motet (Duc de Ferrara) : La Mi La Sol
1513 Giovanni de Medici is elected Pope and crowned as Leo X
12. Motet: Optime Divino date munere pastor ovili 6 v.

VI. 1517 26 March. Henricus Isaac dies at his home in Florence
13. Motet (Choralis Constantinus): Circumdederunt me
14. Song: O Welt, ich mu dich lassen

VII. 1519 Charles V is elected Holy Roman Emperor and is crowned at Bologna
15. Motet (Contrafactum de Virgo prudentissima): Christus, filius Dei 6 v.

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