Calypso: Sounds of the Caribbean Islands | Documents 600311

Calypso: Sounds of the Caribbean Islands


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Label: Documents

Cat No: 600311

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 10

Release Date: 6th May 2016



Harry Belafonte
Lord Kitchener
Lord Melody
Mighty Sparrow


Harry Belafonte
Lord Kitchener
Lord Melody
Mighty Sparrow


This 10-CD box set features 202 calypso songs, including many rarities that show the development of this uniquely Caribbean music, from 1912 until 1962. Featuring all of the great stars of the genre and all the hits from Harry Belafonte, Lord Kitchener, Lord Melody, Mighty Sparrow and many others.

A one of a kind documentation, which demonstrates the historical importance of the music that eventually led to Ska and Reggae. It also includes one disc made up of pop singers performing calypso songs, from the likes of The Andrews Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and The Four Aces.


CD 1
1. Lord Melody: Wau Wau
2. Harry Belafonte: Zombie Jamboree
3. Viper: Dog Better Than Man
4. Lord Melody: Blackbird
5. Lord Kitchener: Love In The Cemetery
6. Carlos Malcolm & His Afro Jamaican Rhythm: Elena
7. Lord Melody: Georgie Porgie
8. Harry Belafonte: Did You Hear About Jerry
9. Young Growler: Pussy Galore
10. Lord Melody: Bong, Bong, Bong
11. Count Zebra & The Seasiders: Cat-O-Nine
12. Lord Melody: Donkey Race
13. Lord Hummingbird: Teenage Bossa Nova Girl
14. Harry Belafonte Tongue: Tie Baby
15. King Fighter Sherlan Wilson): He No Dead Yet
16. Lord Melody: The Seagull And The Mule
17. Lord Kitchener: Jamaican Woman
18. Lord Melody: Melo's Twist
19. Harry Belafonte: I'm On My Way To Saturday
20. Wrangler: Bongo Man

CD 2
1. The Islanders: When The Yankees Are Gone
2. Harry Belafonte: Sweetheart From Venezuela
3. Mighty Dougla: Exchange No Robbery
4. Lord Kitchener: Romeo
5. The Islanders Lie: Stone Dead In The Market
6. Harry Belafonte: Go Down Emanuel Road
7. Charlie Binger & His Quartet: Jamaica Is The Place To Go
8. Wrangler Neighbour: Jaqueline
9. The Islanders: The Donkey Song
10. Harry Belafonte: Gloria
11. Lord Melody: Belmont Jackass
12. The Islanders: Mary Walk
13. Harry Belafonte: These Are The Times
14. The Islanders: Tomorrow Man
15. Mighty Sparrow: Teresa
16. Harry Belafonte: Jump In The Line
17. Charlie Binger & His Quartet: Country Gal
18. Harry Belafonte: Kingston Market
19. Lord Melody: Alexander The Murderer
20. Harry Belafonte: Angelina

CD 3
1. The Wrigglers: Mary Ann
2. Count Lasher: Talking Parrot
3. Lord Kitchener: Black Pudding
4. Mighty Terror: Calypso War
5. Brownie: Bed Bug Song
6. The Wrigglers Biggest: Maracas
7. Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights: The Water Gobbler
8. Cyril Diaz Orchestra: Voodoo
9. Lord Kitchener: Drink-A-Rum
10. Azie Lawrence: West Indians In England
11. Mighty Sparrow: Reply To Melody
12. Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights: Africa, Here I Come
13. Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians: Heading North
14. Lord Kitchener: Woman's Figure
15. Lord Flea & His Calypsonians: Magic Composer
16. Hubert Porter Old Lady: You Mash Me Toe
17. Count Lasher's Seven: Breadfruit Season
18. The Wrigglers: Limbo
19. Lord Kitchener: My Wife's Nightie
20. Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians: Little Jeannie

CD 4
1. Lord Kitchener: Marjorie's Flirtation
2. Mighty Sparrow: No More Rocking And Rolling
3. Lance Hayward: Montego Bay
4. Mighty Terror: Tv Calypso
5. Lord Kitchener: Nosey Mother-In-Law
6. Mighty Sparrow: Russian Satellite
7. Lord Invader: Steel Band War
8. Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights: Lift The Iron Curtain
9. The Talbot Brothers Of Bermuda: Out'a Me
10. Mighty Sparrow: Short Little Shorts
11. Lord Kitchener: Rhumba Anna
12. Lord Ivanhoe & His Caribbean Knights: Belinda
13. Mighty Terror: Jamaica Girl
14. The Talbot Brothers Of Bermuda: Old Time Cat O'nine
15. Mighty Sparrow: Mad Bomber
16. The Wrigglers: Don't Touch Me Tomato
17. Lord Invader: Labor Day Carnival (Jump In The Line)
18. Mighty Sparrow: No, Doctor, No
19. John Buddy Williams Band: Gee Bongo Lay
20. Lord Flea & His Calypsonians: Out De Fire

CD 5
1. Harry Belafonte: Cocoanut Woman
2. Robert Mitchum Mama: Look At Boo Boo
3. Beauty & The Brute Force Steel Band: Fire Down Below
4. Lord Flea & His Calypsonians: The Naughty Little Flea
5. Young Tiger: Trinidad
6. Harry Belafonte: Haiti Cherie
7. Enid Mosier & Her Trinidad Steel Band: Boys Days
8. Hubert Smith & His Coral Islanders: Green Ticket
9. Lord Melody: Creature From The Black Lagoon
10. Harry Belafonte: Scratch, Scratch
11. Ben Bowers: Donkey City
12. Robert Mitchum: Jean And Dinah
13. Hubert Smith & His Coral Islanders: College Holiday
14. Harry Belafonte Cordelia Brown
15. Lord Flea & His Calypsonians: Shake, Shake Senora
16. Josephine Premice Chicken Gumbo
17. Harry Belafonte: Angelique-O
18. Lord Flea: Donkey Bray (The Jack Ass Song)
19. Laurel Aitken: Nebuchadnezzar
20. Harry Belafonte: Island In The Sun

CD 6
1. Harry Belafonte: Matilda
2. Eric Hayden: Give Her The Number One
3. The Wrigglers: Linstead Market/Day-O
4. Mighty Terror: Patricia Gone
5. Harry Belafonte: Day-O (Banana Boat Song)
6. Al Harris & His Calypso Band: Landlady
7. Lord Flea: Solas Market/Water Come A Mi Eye
8. Harry Belafonte: Will His Love Be Like His Rum
9. Timothy: Bulldog Don't Bite Me
10. Mighty Terror: Women Police In England
11. Al Harris & His Calypso Band: Taxi
12. Harry Belafonte: Man Smart, Woman Smarter
13. Reuben Mccoy & The Hamiltonians: Calypso Twist
14. Lord Melody: Life In Brazil
15. Harry Belafonte: Jump Down, Spin Around
16. The Roaring Lion: Kalenda March
17. Harry Belafonte Come Back Liza
18. Young Tiger: She Like It, He Like It
19. Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians: Chinese Children
20. Harry Belafonte: Jamaica Farewell

CD 7
1. Young Tiger: Calypso Be-Bop
2. Lord Kitchener: Kitch In The
3. Hubert Porter & The Tower Islanders: Bargie
4. The Charmer: Female Boxer
5. Lord Melody: Can Can
6. The Roaring Lion: Trinidad The Land Of Calypso
7. Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians: No Carnival In Britain
8. Lord Flea & The Blue Mountain Caroleers: Irene & Yo' Fr'en
9. The Roaring Lion: Wash Your Hands
10. Count Lasher's Seven: Mango Time
11. Lord Kitchener: Is Trouble
12. Louise Bennett: Day Dah Light
13. Harry Belafonte The Drummer And The Cook
14. The Island Champions: My Advice To Men
15. The Charmer: Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't
16. Harry Belafonte: Lord Randall
17. The Sparrow: Brown Skin Girl
18. The Island Champions: River Den Come Down
19. Harry Belafonte: Man Piaba
20. Louise Bennett: Hosanna

CD 8
1. Lloyd Thomas: Cold In De Winter
2. The Sparrow: Hol' Em Joe (My Donkey Wants Water)
3. Hubert Porter: Iron Bar/Mas Charley Bell
4. Duke Of Iron: Last Train
5. Hubert Porter: Not Me (Man Smart, Woman Smarter)
6. Edric Connor & The Caribbeans: Day Dah Light (Banana Loader's Song)
7. Ben Bowers & The Baba Motta Orchestra: Brown Skin Girl
8. Lord Fly & The Dan Williams Orchestra: Donkey City
9. Harold Richardson & The Ticklers: Don't Fence Her In
10. Boysie Grant & The Reynolds Calypso Clippers: Noisy Spring
11. Count Lasher: Island Gal Sally
12. Cecil Knott & His Joybell Orchestra: Banana
13. Chin's Calypso Sextet: Woman Style
14. Count Lasher: Calypso Cha Cha
15. Duke Of Iron: Parakeets
16. Lord Kitchener: Kitch's Bebop Calypso
17. Lord Messam & His Calypsonians: Take Her To Jamaica
18. Lord Kitchener: Kitch
19. Blind Blake: A Conch Ain't Got No Bone
20. Lord Kitchener: Food From The West Indies

CD 9
1. Lord Lion: Tick Tick (The Story Of The Lost Watch)
2. Lord Beginner: John Goddard
3. Lord Kitchener: London Is The Place For Me
4. The Duke Of Iron: Big Bamboo
5. Lord Beginner: Victory Test Match
6. Lord Kitchener: The Underground Train
7. Edmondo Ros & His Orchestra: Chocolate, Whiskey And Vanilla Gin
8. Armando Castro & Joe Davis Mary Ann
9. Sir Lancelot: Old Lady With A Rolling Pin
10. The Duke Of Iron: Calypsonian Invasion
11. Lord Invader: Rum And Coca Cola
12. Sir Lancelot: The Century Of The Common Man
13. The Roaring Lion: Mary Ann
14. Sir Lancelot: Scandal In The Family
15. King Radio: Matilda
16. Wilmoth Houdini: He Had It Coming
17. The Atilla: & The Lion: Guests Of Rudy Valee
18. Atilla The Hun: Roosevelt In Trinidad
19. The Caresser: Edward The Viii.
20. Hubert R. Charles: Marry An Ugly Woman
21. Lovey's Trinidad String Band: Manuelita
22. Julian Whiterose: Iron Duke In The Land

CD 10
1. The Andrews Sisters: Rum And Coca Cola
2. Ella Fitzgerald: Stone Cold Dead In The Market
3. June Christy: His Feet Too Big For The Bed
4. Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: Run Joe
5. Nat King Cole: Calypso Blues
6. Eartha Kitt: Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell
7. Louis Armstrong: High Society Calypso
8. Johnnie & Jack The Banana Boat Song
9. Fred Astaire: Calypso Hooray
10. Hank Snow: Calypso Sweetheart
11. Ray Johnson: Calypso Joe
12. The Brothers Four: Yellow Bird
13. Mike Pedicin Quintet: Calypso Rock
14. The Four Aces: Bahama Mama
15. The Tarriers: The Banana Boat Song
16. Nat King Cole: When Rock And Roll Come To Trinidad
17. The Deep River Boys Calypso Rock And Roll
18. The Mills Brothers: In De Banana Tree
19. Rusty Draper: Let's Go Calypso
20. Terry Gilkyson & The Easy Riders: Marianne

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