Super Rare Teenage Rock & Roll | Documents 600146

Super Rare Teenage Rock & Roll


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Label: Documents

Cat No: 600146

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 10

Release Date: 21st April 2014



Tommy Facenda
Gene Vincent
Cliff Richard
Michael Landon
Russ Tamblyn
Eddie Quinteros
Larry Dowd
Boyd Bennett & His Rockers
The Threeteens
Jimmy Isle
Sonny Williams
Gene La Marr


Tommy Facenda
Gene Vincent
Cliff Richard
Michael Landon
Russ Tamblyn
Eddie Quinteros
Larry Dowd
Boyd Bennett & His Rockers
The Threeteens
Jimmy Isle
Sonny Williams
Gene La Marr


10-CD box set containing 200 original recordings of extremely rare rock and roll songs, you're unlikely to find in any other collection. Featuring Gene Vincent, Boyd Bennett & His Rockers, The Threeteens, Jimmy Isle, Sonny Williams, Gene La Marr and others.


CD 1
1. Tommy Facenda: High School U.S.A.
2. The Dixieland Drifters: Don't You Be Still
3. Boyd Bennett & His Rockets: Seventeen
4. Gene Vincent: Teenage Partner
5. The Five Chesternuts: Teenage Love
6. Kenny Spivey: Woke Up This Morning
7. Eddie Quinteros: Come On Little Girl
8. Jimmy Isle: Stay By My Side
9. Collay & The Satellites: Little Girl Next Door
10. The Seniors: Baby Say The Word
11. The Cobra Brothers: Everybody's Looking
12. Tommy Steele: Teenage Party
13. Johnny Denton: Topsy Turvy
14. Ron Fury: When Ya Comin' Home
15. Frankie Tyler: I Go Ape
16. Ray Willis: Whatta You Do
17. Gerry Langford: Tell Me
18. Nancy Day: Teen Age Hop
19. Bob & Lucille: What's The Password
20. Doyle Wilson: You're The One For Me

CD 2
1. The Threeteens: Doowaddie
2. Reggie Perkins: High School Ceasar
3. Gene La Marr: I'm Gonna Make It Up To You
4. Jan Amber: The Little Martian
5. The Tielman Brothers: Record Hop
6. Sonny Williams: Lucky Linda
7. Portuguese Joe: Teen Age Riot
8. Chico Holiday: Cuckoo Girl
9. Skip Milo: What's Wrong With Me
10. Whitey Gallagher: Crazy Legs
11. Rockin' Ronald &The Rebels: Cuttinˇut
12. Ron Fury: Long Long Time
13. Bobby Doyle: Chug-A-Lug
14. Tony & Paul: Jellyfish
15. Edison Youngblood: Summertime Fool
16. Artie Lewis: Alone, All Alone
17. Bobby Towers: Gone, Gone, Gone Dreams
18. Mello Rose: Love My Baby
19. Rodney Rains: Yellow Moon
20. Jimmy Case: High School Hall Of Fame

CD 3
1. Budd Albright: Adrienne
2. Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers: The Girl In The Teddy Bear Coat
3. Mark Dinning: Cutie Cutie
4. Dick Wolf: Spine Tingalin' Love
5. Johnny Conville: Bye Bye Blackbird
6. Johnny Macrae: Betcha Johnny Knows
7. Frank Dean: Bubblin'
8. Pete Mann: So Help My Heart
9. Nick Darrow: Run Joe
10. Joe Weldon: Someone
11. Gene Montgomery: Slow Motion
12. Roger & The Tourains: Searchin' For A Girl
13. Ronnie Diamond: Candy Store
14. Lennie Richards: Teem Twist
15. Jimmie Helms: It Was Ours
16. Lou Picardi: Make Up Your Mind
17. Wally Lewis: White Bobby Socks
18. The Monarchs: Yes! Uh! Huh! Or Even Maybe
19. The Syllables: I've Been Jilted
20. Jimmy Piper: Don't Play Around

CD 4
1. Kip Tyler: Hali Lou
2. Johnny Sardo: Take A Ride With Me
3. George Walsh: Don't Let Me Down
4. Billy Smith: Johnny Machine
5. Andy Caldwell: She's So Fine
6. Jackie Dunham: All Around The World
7. Don Deal: The First Teenager
8. Buddy Lowe: Sherry Lee
9. Jim Ford: College Queen
10. Jimmy Williams: C'mon Baby
11. Jim White: Teenage Doll
12. The Tu Tones: Crazy Baby
13. Denny Reed: Hot Water
14. Dave Burgess: Lovey Dovey Baby
15. T-Johnny Jay: I'm Gonna Keep It
16. Ronnie Mcbee: My Bow Tie
17. Gene Ray: I'm Going To Hollywood
18. Jimmy Carter: Let Me Know
19. Bob Watts: Carolina Rock
20. Bobby Bristol: School's Out

CD 5
1. Jimmy Barbee: Cause I Love You
2. Budd Albright: Got No Sunshine In My Soul
3. Frank Pizani: Wanna Dance
4. Ron Jones: Hylander Drag
5. Phil Queen: Gonna Get Along Without You Now
6. Ronnie & The Rockin' Kings: You Know
7. Wayne & Ray: Yeah Why
8. Johnny Rivers: Everyday
9. Rocky Storm: Every Night
10. Sammy Salvo: Wolf Boy
11. The Harmony Brothers: Baby Tonight
12. Doug Warren & The Rays: Ain't That Love
13. Kimball Coburn: Please Please
14. Eddie Ferrell: Teach Me How To Rock
15. Wade Phillips: All Alone To Cry
16. Buzz & Al: Weirdo
17. Harley Davis & The Teen: Aires
18. Danny & The Duke: Rock Baby
19. Angie & The Monoccos: Sad As I Can Be
20. Don Wright: Switch

CD 6
1. Larry Dowd: Forbidden Love
2. Marty Derose: The Great Big Beat
3. The Gardenas: I'm Laughing At You
4. Ronnie Price: Look At Me
5. The Four J's: Rock & Roll Age
6. Billy Martin: If It's Lovin' That You Want
7. The Commodores: Who Dat
8. Rusty Howard: No Help Wanted
9. Frankie & The Echoes: Come Back Baby
10. Charlie Brown: Have You Heard The Gossip
11. John & Jackie: Little Girl
12. The Royal Rockers: Scramble
13. The Equadors: Say You'll Be Mine
14. Frank Virtuoso Rockets: Rollin' And A-Rockin'
15. The Five Jades: Rock And Roll Molly
16. Hoyt Johnson: Standing In Your Window
17. Dick Fagan: Rain, Rain
18. The Frontiers: You Shake Me Up
19. Lynn Vrooman: Let The Good Times Roll
20. The Rockers: Mean, Mean Woman

CD 7
1. Jerry Mercer: Seven Nights To Rock
2. The Silva-Tones: Roses Are Blooming: Th
3. Bobby Lonero: Wham Bam
4. The Mints: Night Air
5. Al Turnage: Hollywood Rock
6. Bobby Brookes: You'd Better Move
7. The Twins: Classroom Rock
8. Jerry Ross: You Got My Baby
9. The Swallows: Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock
10. Ernie Cast: Cool It Baby
11. Wally Hughes: Pug Nose And Pony Tail
12. Glen Paul: I'm Learning To Live
13. Bill Tracey: One Chance
14. Billy & Don Hart: Chick-Mated & Bingoed
15. Eddie & Jimmie: Hold That Kiss
16. Dave Dupre: A Job Well Done
17. Alan Dale: You Threw A Dart
18. Chuck Reed: No School Tomorrow
19. Johnny Mann & The Tornados: Chick-A-Lou
20. The Sparks: Merry, Merry Lou

CD 8
1. Jerry Grant & The Rockabilly Bandits: Some Day, Maybe Tonight
2. Teddy Randazzo: Next Stop Paradise
3. Chuck Ranado: My Baby's Gone
4. Cliff Richard & The Shadows: I Cannot Find A True Love
5. Al Ferrier: Let's Go Boppin' Tonight
6. Jay Chevalier: Castro Rock
7. Billy Earl: Go Dan Tucker
8. Larry Hart: I'm Just A Mender
9. The Neutrons: Don't Be Cruel
10. Ted Harris: Just Thought I'd Set You Straight
11. Oscar Mclollie: Roll, Hot Rod, Roll
12. Johnny Jano: Mabel's Gone
13. Little Richard: Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
14. Jeanette Baker & Oscar Mclollie: Hey Girl, Hey Boy
15. Ray Vict: Bop Stop Rock
16. Billy Earl: Couple In The Car
17. Cliff Richard & The Shadows: Willie And The Hand Jive
18. Ted Forbes & The Kisses: The Flirt
19. Joe South: Play It Cool
20. Ray Campi: The Man I Met

CD 9
1. Michael Landon: Be Patient With Me
2. Kookie Jones: Yearning
3. Jerry Grant & The Rockabilly Bandits: Talkin' About Love
4. The Two Don's: Funny Honey
5. Chico Holiday: Please Don't Touch
6. Lenny Dean & The Rockin' Chairs: A Kiss Is A Kiss
7. Billy & Eddie: The King Is Coming Back
8. Ted Forbes: Knee Socks
9. The Tunes: Close The Door
10. Wes Bryan: Freeze
11. Tommy Facenda: Bubba Diddy
12. Chip Fisher: Oh Ye Louise
13. Lee Talboys: Lovin' Lies
14. Jerry Jaye Trio: You're My Sugar Plum
15. Brady & Grady Sneed: Little Bitty Heart
16. Russ Tamblyn: Fifteen Cents
17. Kenny Ambrose: Come On And Marry Me
18. Coy Werley: Black Jack
19. Tom Swift: Stormy
20. Edison Youngblood: Tennis Shoes

CD 10
1. Ralph Pruitt: Hey Mister Porter
2. Alvis Wayne: I Gottum
3. Joe Romero: Come On Pretty Baby
4. The Rock 'N' Rollers: For You
5. Bruce Gist: Searching For Love
6. Frank Virtuoso Rockets: Toodle-Oo Kangaroo
7. Paul Durham: Mean Woman Married Man Blues
8. Jimmy Prow: You Tell Her I Stutter
9. Gary Middleton: Don't Be Shy
10. The Echotones: My Baby Doll
11. Bobby Lonero: One More Time
12. Jerry Robinson: You're The Reason
13. Kenny Brown: Throw A Little Wood On The Fire
14. The Nightbeats: Lonesome Road Rock
15. Art Adams: She Don't Live Here No More
16. Jimmy Williams: Love Only Me
17. Art Buchanan: Time Will Tell
18. Leon & Carlos: Rock Everybody
19. Tommy Charles: Hey There Baby
20. Tony Senn: The King's Coming Home

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