Black Stars of Rock & Roll | Documents 600137

Black Stars of Rock & Roll


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Label: Documents

Cat No: 600137

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 10

Release Date: 10th March 2014



Fats Domino
Lavern Baker
Little Richard
Bo Diddley
Lloyd Price
Dee Clark
Don Covay
Big Al Downing
Larry Williams
Don & Dewey
Johnny Otis
Bobby Day
Chuck Berry
Joe Tex
Bobby Freeman
Otis Redding


Fats Domino
Lavern Baker
Little Richard
Bo Diddley
Lloyd Price
Dee Clark
Don Covay
Big Al Downing
Larry Williams
Don & Dewey
Johnny Otis
Bobby Day
Chuck Berry
Joe Tex
Bobby Freeman
Otis Redding


This 10-CD boxset features over 200 hits by world-famous rock 'n' roll stars including Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Otis Redding, Lavern Baker, Ruth Brown, Johnnie Otis and many others. The tracks, mostly from the Specialty label but also including rarities from smaller record companies, were among the songs that inspired the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many other groups in the 1960s.


CD 1
1. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters: The Twist
2. Earl Hooker & His Road Masters: Do The Chickin'
3. Fats Domino: I'm Ready
4. Hal Paige &The Whalers: Going Back To My Home Town
5. Little Richard: Good Golly Miss Molly
6. Dee Clark: Hey Little Girl
7. Rosco Gordon: Surely I Love You
8. H-Bomb Ferguson: Midnight Ramblin' Tonight
9. Chuck Berry: Roll Over Beethoven
10. Bo Diddley: Roadrunner
11. Lloyd Price: Stagger Lee
12. Big Al Downing: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
13. Ruth Brown: This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
14. Bobby Day: Oop-D-Du-Pers Ball
15. Larry Williams: Slow Down
16. Joe Tex: Yum, Yum, Yum
17. Johnny Otis & Marci Lee: Casting My Spell On You
18. Don Covay: Switchen In The Kitchen
19. Fats Domino: My Girl Josephine
20. Wynonie Harris: Sweet Lucy Brown

CD 2
1. Bobby Freeman: Shame On You Miss Johnson
2. Bo Diddley: I'm a Man
3. Larry Williams: Bad Boy
4. Fats Domino: The Big Beat
5. Johnny Otis: Mumblin' Mosie
6. Bobby Day: Mr. And Mrs. Rock And Roll
7. Fats Domino: The Sheik Of Araby
8. Little Mummy: Where You At Jack
9. Bobby Freeman: Big Fat Woman
10. Bobby Hendricks: Itchy Twitchy Feeling
11. Ed Pauling: Solid Rock
12. Johnny Angel: Teenage Wedding
13. Little Richard: Slippin' and Slidin'
14. Thurston Harris: Do What You Did
15. Billy Lamont: Hear Me Now
16. Chuck Berry: Thirty Days
17. Joe Tex: You Little Baby Face Thing
18. Don Covay: Believe It Or Not
19. Don & Dewey: Bim Bam
20. Fats Domino: Shu Ra

CD 3
1. Larry Williams: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
2. Johnny Otis & Marci Lee: Telephone Baby
3. Lloyd Price: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
4. Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes
5. Fats Domino: Ida Jane
6. Huey Piano Smith & The Clowns: Don't You Know Yockomo
7. Thurston Harris: Hey Baby Leba
8. Bobby Day: Rockin Robin
9. Little Richard: True Fine Mama
10. Don Covay: Rockin' The Mule
11. Don & Dewey: Justine
12. Bo Diddley: Diddley Daddy
13. Ray Sharpe: Monkey's Uncle
14. Chuck Berry: You Can't Catch Me
15. Harold Burage: Betty Jean
16. Little Richard: Ready Teddy
17. Otis Redding: Gamma Lama
18. Fats Domino: Lil' Liza Jane
19. Bo Diddley: Pretty Thing
20. Chuck Berry: Sweet Little Sixteen

CD 4
1. Johnny Otis: Willie And The Hand Jive
2. Bobby Day: The Bluebird, The Buzzard and the Oriole
3. Billy Lamont: Country Boy
4. Harold Burrage: Ooh Wow
5. Ray Sharpe: Linda Lou
6. Fats Domino: Be My Guest
7. Bobby Freeman: Do You Want To Dance
8. Chuck Berry: Reelin' and Rockin'
9. Little Richard: Long Tall Sally
10. Bo Diddley: I'm Looking For A Woman
11. Lloyd Price: Rock And Roll Dance
12. Big Bob: Your Line Was Busy
13. Chuck Berry: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
14. Big Danny Oliver: Sapphire
15. Salty Sunday: So Lonely
16. Fats Domino: Wait And See
17. Bo Diddley: Who Do You Love
18. Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode
19. Little Richard: Rip It Up
20. Johnny Otis: Crazy Country Hop

CD 5
1. Fats Domino: I'M Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
2. Little Ike: She Can Rock
3. Little Richard: Jenny, Jenny
4. Big Al Downing: Down On The Farm
5. Chuck Berry: Too Much Monkey Business
6. Bill Johnson: You Better Dig It
7. Bo Diddley: Mona (I Need You Baby)
8. Little Jerry Williams: Hum Baby
9. Lloyd Price: Where Were You On Your Wedding Day
10. Dave Baby Cortez: You Give Me Heebie Jeebies
11. Little Richard: She's Got It
12. Mister P. T.: Crazy Sadie
13. Chuck Berry: Around And Around
14. Icky Renrut (Ike Turner): Jack Rabbitt
15. Fats Domino: Whole Lotta Loving
16. Screamin' Joe Neal: Rock And Roll Deacon
17. Bo Diddley: Cadillac
18. Chuck Berry: School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)
19. Lowell Fulson: Rock This Morning
20. Little Richard: Lucille

CD 6
1. Chuck Berry: Rock And Roll Music
2. Big Al Downing: Miss Lucy
3. Little Richard: Keep A-Knockin'
4. Wild Child Gibson: Uncle John
5. Fats Domino: Howdy Podner
6. Don & Dewey: Farmer John
7. Bo Diddley: Dearest Darling
8. Lloyd Price: Country Boy Rock
9. Bo Toliver: Begging
10. Chuck Berry: Oh Baby Doll
11. Otis Redding: Fat Gal
12. Little Richard: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
13. Dee Clark: 24 Boyfriends
14. Big Sambo: At The Party
15. Bo Diddley: Hush Your Mouth
16. Lloyd Price: Such A Mess
17. Chuck Berry: Beautiful Delilah
18. Billy Lamont: I Got A Rock And Roll Gal
19. Fats Domino: Blue Monday
20. Little Richard: Baby Face

CD 7
1. Chuck Berry: Carol
2. Otis Redding: Tuff Enough
3. Fats Domino: Domino Stomp (Instrumental)
4. Little Richard: Hey-Hey-Hey
5. Frankie Ervin: Wilhelmina
6. Bo Diddley: Say Man
7. Charles Turner: Rock And Roll Molly
8. Lloyd Price: Georgianna
9. Big Al Downing: Yes I'm Loving You
10. Chuck Berry: Sweet Little Rock And Roller
11. Harvey: Da Da Goo Goo
12. Don & Dewey: Koko Joe
13. Little Richard: Oh My Soul
14. Bobby Hendricks: Cast Your Vote
15. Emmet Davis: How About It Baby
16. Fats Domino: When I See You
17. Bo Diddley: Hey Bo Diddley
18. Sleepy King: Rock Rock
19. Little Richard: The Girl Can't Help It
20. Chuck Berry: Memphis Tennessee

CD 8
1. Fats Domino: I'm Walkin'
2. Prentice Moreland: Oh Pretty Baby
3. Little Richard: Kansas City
4. Don & Dewey: Jungle Hop
5. Chuck Berry: Little Queenie
6. Shirley Gunter: Crazy Little Baby
7. Bo Diddley: Dancing Girl
8. Johnny Otis: Ring-A-Ling
9. Lloyd Price: Hello Little Girl
10. Dave Baby Cortez: Hey-Hey-Hey
11. Tarheel Slim: Number Nine Train
12. Lavern Baker: Voodoo Voodoo
13. Chuck Berry: Let It Rock
14. Angel Face: I Know
15. Fats Domino: Hey Fat Man
16. Vicky Lee: Goin' Back Home To Mama
17. Lloyd Price: The Chicken And The Bop
18. Otis Redding: Getting' Hip
19. Chuck Berry: No Money Down
20. Bo Diddley: Bring It To Jerome

CD 9
1. Little Richard: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
2. Marvin & Johnny: Ding Dong Baby
3. Fats Domino: It's You I Love
4. Guitar Slim: I Got Sumpin' For You
5. Chuck Berry: Down Bound Train
6. Larry Williams: You Bug Me Baby
7. Bo Diddley: Willie And Lillie
8. Lloyd Price: Whoe Ho Ho
9. Big Boy Myles: Who's Been Fooling You
10. Fats Domino: I Want You To Know
11. Wynona Carr: Touch And Go
12. Joe Penny: Bip A Little: Bop A Lot
13. Chuck Berry: Almost Grown
14. Cal Green: The Big Push
15. Little Richard: Heebie-Jeebies
16. Lloyd Price: I'M Gonna Get Married
17. Bo Diddley: Say Man, Back Again
18. Rudy Moore: Step It Up And Go
19. Fats Domino: Bo Weevil
20. Chuck Berry: Back in the U.S.A.

CD 10
1. Fats Domino: I'm in Love Again
2. Mister P. T.: Aunt Susie
3. Chuck Berry: Betty Jean
4. Wynona Carr: Jump Jack, Jump
5. Bo Diddley: Diddy Wah Diddy
6. Little Richard: She Knows How To Rock
7. Ernest Kador: Do Baby Do
8. Joe Mccoy: Hey Hey Loretta
9. Rene Hall: Flippin'
10. Fats Domino: Ain't it a Shame
11. Ike Turner: Do You Mean It
12. Chuck Berry: Bye Bye Johnny
13. Kid Thomas: Rockin' This Joint To-Nite
14. Little Richard: All Around The World
15. Roy Milton: What Can I Do
16. Bo Diddley: Story Of Bo Diddley
17. Johnny Fuller: Haunted House
18. Chuck Berry: Don't You Lie To Me
19. Cledus Harrison: Rock And Roll In The Groove
20. Fats Domino: I Can't Go On (Rosalie)

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