A Morley - Watership Down (OST) | Dutton CDLK4596

A Morley - Watership Down (OST)


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Label: Dutton

Cat No: CDLK4596

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: 18th November 2016



Michael Hordern (narrator)
Art Garfunkel (vocals)


Morley, Angela

Watership Down (soundtrack)


Michael Hordern (narrator)
Art Garfunkel (vocals)


Track listing:
1. Prologue (Williamson orch. Ashmore) MH
2. Main Title (Williamson orch. Morley)
3. Venturing Forth (Morley)
4. Into the Mist (Morley)
5. Crossing the River and Onward (Morley)
6. Fiverís Vision (Morley)
7. Through the Woods (Morley)
8. The Rat Fight (Morley)
9. Violetís Gone (Morley)
10. Climbing the Down (Morley)
11. Bright Eyes (Batt) AG
12. Interlude (Morley)
13. Bigwigís Capture (Morley)
14. Kehaarís Theme (Morley)
15. The Escape from Efrafa (Morley)
16. Hazelís Plan (Morley)
17. Final Struggle and Triumph (Morley)
18. The End Titles (Morley)

Original LP: 70161 (1978) Stereo

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