Thierry Pecou - Orquoy, Chango, Macha de la Humanidad | Wergo WER73182

Thierry Pecou - Orquoy, Chango, Macha de la Humanidad


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Label: Wergo

Cat No: WER73182

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Orchestral

Release Date: 30th September 2016



Orchestre National de France


Jonathan Stockhammer


Pecou, Thierry

Chango for three flutes and orchestra
Marcha de la Humanidad for orchestra
Orquoy for large orchestra


Orchestre National de France


Jonathan Stockhammer


The works of Thierry Pécou have brought something back into contemporary European music that had almost been forgotten: the sound of Latin America.

Thierry Pécou is French, and his Latin America is the product of a creative fantasy that grew out of a desire to explore the nearly extinct pre-Colombian cultures of Central and South America. Any assumption, however, that these are simply the exotic longings of a European culture tourist would be false. Pécou, who grew up in a Paris suburb and graduated from the Paris Conservatory, has Caribbean ancestors, and so his musical search for roots is also a personal journey of discovery. He is at home in two cultures. One is the culture of career and daily life; the other continues to exist only as a projection arising from the depths of the individual personality – a world which, not only for Pécou himself, has become impossibly distant in a cultural and historical sense.

Thierry Pécou’s dreamed landscapes of sound can also be seen as an expression of this search for the ruins of a lost culture. With ritualistic repetitive structures, mysterious depths, and strongly physical sounds, his music conjures up an archaic past, but the colours he uses are those of a symphony orchestra, even though these colours are often placed in unusual or exotic constellations.

“My position is somewhat ambiguous, because I am a European, even though I have certain roots in these places [Central America]. At the same time, I also want to better understand the Mexican people and their history, for example, and hopefully contribute to the search for their own truth and their own roots.” - Thierry Pécou

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