James Matheson - String Quartet (LP) | Yarlung Records YAR25668670V

James Matheson - String Quartet (LP)


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Label: Yarlung Records

Cat No: YAR25668670V

Format: LP

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 9th September 2016



Color Field Quartet


Matheson, James

String Quartet


Color Field Quartet


45 RPM 180-gram vinyl

“[One of Yarlung's engineers sent me a] file from a session with Color Field, a group comprising musicians of the Chicago Lyric Opera and the Chicago Symphony, for a recording of James Matheson's String Quartet, to be released this year on Yarlung Records. The opening notes were startling—I had the disturbing but exhilarating feeling that music was actually being made in my room, not merely reproduced.... the four players seemed almost within reach, and my room seemed to expand around me. [I was ] completely transfixed....” - Kal Rubinson, Stereophile

“Matheson’s String Quartet is an impressive piece of work. Thirty-two minutes long, it is brimming with ideas; the richness of their number is palpable…. The String Quartet is, perhaps first and foremost, beautifully orchestrated, the combination of instruments used to create one wondrous color after another. Motor rhythms and repeated patterns juice forward progress; these ideas move through tonal progressions, reaching plateaus of more static material (at least in the first two movements) – meditative, starry-skied, rapt. The quick finale is a syncopated romp.” - Timothy Mangan, Orange County Register

“Fans of Yarlung's fine albums are going to really love this one.” - Floor van der Holst, NativeDSD

Color Field is a flexible ensemble that can morph between two instruments and a small chamber orchestra to play repertoire musically interesting and challenging to the musicians. For our concert and recording sessions, Color Field was Baird Dodge and Gina Dibello on violins, Weijing Wang on viola and Yi Xin on cello. Baird, Gina and Weijing are members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Baird serves as principal second violin), and Yi Xin plays cello with the orchestra for the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Vinyl mastering: Bernie Grundman

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