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CF Abel - The Drexel Manuscript


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Label: Accent

Cat No: ACC24305

Barcode: 4015023243057

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 24th June 2016



Petr Wagner (viola da gamba)


Abel, Carl Friedrich

The Drexel Manuscript


Petr Wagner (viola da gamba)


The fame that he enjoyed in his lifetime clearly hasnít served Carl Friedrich Abel well in the two centuries since his death. He was fÍted all over Europe both for his supreme skills as a performer of the viola da gamba as well as for the quality of his compositions, and was responsible (along with JC Bach) for setting up arguably the first series of subscription concerts in the history of Western music, the 'Bach-Abel-Concerts'. Even the prodigy that was Mozart benefited from Abelís teachings (and was claimed as the composer of one Abelís own symphonies). All this was known by keen minds of the time such as Charles Burney, JF Reichardt and Goethe.

Czech gambist Petr Wagner delivers here a scintillating rendition of Abelís ever-inventive music which ranges across Preludes, Adagios and sundry dance forms. Where to place this 'late' music for the viola da gamba? Not Baroque and definitely heading in the direction of the classicism of Mozart, Haydn and even Beethoven.

Track listing:
1. Allegro
2. [Adagio]
3. Tempo di Menuet
4. Adagio
5. Vivace
6. Andante
7. [Allegro]
8. [Tempo di Menuet]
9. [Preludio]
10. [Arpeggio scordato] (tuning: G-D-c-e-a-dí)
11. [Allegro]
12. Fuga
13. [Aria]
14. Allegro
15. [Tempo di Menuet]
16. [Cadenza]
17. Tempo di Menuet
18. Tempo di Menuet
19. [Aria]
20. [Aria con Variazioni]
21. [Cadenza]
22. [Arpeggio]
23. [Aria]
24. Allegro
25. [Allegro]
26. Adagio
27. Tempo di Menuet
28. Allegretto
29. Allegro

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