Abbaye de Solesmes: Edition | Accord 4812487

Abbaye de Solesmes: Edition

Label: Accord

Cat No: 4812487

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 22

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 3rd June 2016



Choir of Monks of the Abbey of Solesmes
Gaston Litaize (organ)


Choir of Monks of the Abbey of Solesmes
Gaston Litaize (organ)


The Choeur des Moines de l’Abbaye Saint Pierre de Solesmes (Monks’ Choir of the Solesmes Abbey) is regarded as the unquestionable reference of Gregorian Chant in its purest tradition and has an international reputation. Its recordings have made their mark on the history of Gregorian chant. Universal Music had in 2002 initiated collaboration with the fathers of the Solesmes Abbey for the purpose of rehabilitating its musical patrimony from archived tapes – many unreleased – and to assemble, possibly the most important collection of Gregorian Chant recordings. Today, the entirety of these recordings is gathered together on this 22-CD low-priced box set. One of the bonus CDs carries the recording made during the inauguration of the Abbey’s organ performed by Gaston Litaize.


CD1 Advent (I)
1st to 4th Sunday of Advent

CD2-3 Christmas (II & III)
The liturgy of 24 & 25 December . Epiphany . Baptism of the Lord

CD4-5 Lent / Palm Sunday (IV)
‘Laetare’ Mass; Palm Sunday Mass; Septuagesima Mass

CD6-8 Holy Days (V)
Holy Thursday; Good Friday; Holy Saturday

CD9 Easter (VI)
Mass of the Easter Vigil; Easter Day; The Office; Quasimodo Sunday

CD10 Eastertide (VII)
3rd to 6th Sunday of Easter

CD11 Ascension / Pentecost / Trinity (VIII)
Mass of Ascension; Pentecost Mass; Vespers of the Trinity

CD12 Corpus Christi (IX)
Corpus Christi Mass; Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament; Prayers for difficult times

CD13-14 Christ the King (X)
Feast of Christ the King; Sundays in Ordinary time; Prayers and litanies

CD15 Virgin Mary (XI)
Immaculate Conception; Annunciation; Feasts of the Virgin Mary; Assumption

CD16 Sanctoral 1 (XII)
Saint Joseph; Saint John the Baptist; Saint Peter

CD17 Sanctoral 2 (XIII)
All Saints; Saint Cecilia; Saint Stephen

CD18 Death / Dedication (XIV)
Mass of the Dead; Funeral rites; Feast of the Consecration of a church

CD19 Vespers and Compline (XV)
Sunday Vespers; Complines; Kyriale

CD20-21 Sollemnia: Recordings from 1952 to 1978

CD22 Inauguration of the Solesmes organ

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