Lars Lien: Phonetix | Lawo Classics LWC1095

Lars Lien: Phonetix


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Label: Lawo Classics

Cat No: LWC1095

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 25th March 2016



Lars Lien (saxophone)
Berit Norkbakken Solset (soprano)
Teodor Berg (percussion)
Eidsten Dahl (organ)


Adderley, Mark


Berge, Hakon

Soster Song

Kruse, Bjorn


Rehnqvist, Karin

Jag lyfter mina hander
Psalm ur natten
Radda mig ur dyn

Skoglund, Lars

Haikus before sleep


Lars Lien (saxophone)
Berit Norkbakken Solset (soprano)
Teodor Berg (percussion)
Eidsten Dahl (organ)


This release is the result of a project that originated with my interest in exploring the saxophone’s vocal capacity. Many think the saxophone is the instrument closest to the human voice, and we know this was an important quality for the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax. The saxophone I have chosen to use is a Buescher Aristocrat from 1936. The American instrument producer Buescher built saxophones to the same acoustic specifications that Adolphe Sax used 100 years earlier. Of special importance for the reproduction of sound is the mouthpiece, which has a large inner chamber, virtually an oral cavity. An express aim here has been to record music in which the voice and saxophone are equals and play off each other tonally and contrapunctally. The collaboration with the composers has been an important part of the process itself. The music of Adderley, Berge and Skoglund is dedicated to the performers on this recording. - Lars Lien

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