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Cathy Berberian: Folk Songs of the World


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Label: SWR Music

Cat No: SWR19010CD

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 1st April 2016



Cathy Berberian (mezzo-soprano)
Harold Lester (piano)


Cathy Berberian (mezzo-soprano)
Harold Lester (piano)


Cathy Berberian was a vocal actress par excellence. The intensity and flexibility of her voice, her special vocal techniques and her mix of elegance and wildness were incredible, demonstrated here by this unique collection of folk songs. It wasn't by chance that Cathy Berberian felt a strong attachment to folk songs from around the world. The wide range of emotions and singing techniques she discovered in this never-ending treasure trove were a perfect match for her versatility. She sings in no fewer than 17 different languages and each song is given a completely new interpretation: she uses gentle yodeling effects in the Swiss song; the Croatian “Lepi Juro” becomes a resounding, languishing love song with her guttural delivery; in “I bought me a cat” she delivers masterful imitations of the animal sounds – as only a vocal virtuoso like Cathy Berberian can do. In other words: a cult CD!

1. Ablakomba, ablakomba besütött a holdvilág (Hungarian)
2. Nem messze van ide kis Margitta (Hungarian)
3. I bought me a cat (American)
4. Of what use is a girl (Chinese, sung in English)
5. Kullan Ylistys (Finnish)
6. Lepi Juro (Croatian)
7. Di-li-do (Bulgarian)
8. Roumania, Roumania (Yiddish)
9. O no, John (American)
10. Dve gitary (Russian)
11. Vo Luzern uf Weggis zue (Swiss, sung in Swiss German)
12. El Vito (Spanish)
13. Ar hyd y nôs (Welsh)
14. Da brava, Catina (Venetian)
15. Die Bergblume (Chinese)
16. Kerinoto purvo libe (Bulgarian)
17. Villa-Lobos - Desejo (Brazilian)
18. Villa-Lobos - Cançăo do Carreiro (Brazilian)
19. Chajes - Old Jerusalem (Psalm 134) (Hebrew)
20. Fregt die Welt die alte Casche (Yiddish)
21. Szymanowski - Lecioły zórazie (Polish)
22. Alemshah - Im Yerkı (Armenian)

Recorded: 8-9 June 1978, SWR Kammermusikstudio, Stuttgart

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