Percussion around the World | Saydisc CDSDL438

Percussion around the World


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Label: Saydisc

Cat No: CDSDL438

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 6th November 2015


Over 150 minutes of exuberant and exciting percussion music from Africa, India, Japan, Morocco, Middle East, South America, Mexico, Caribbean, Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, China, Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Indonesia.

Saydisc has been at the forefront of recording for posterity a host of unusual, historic and traditional music, speech and sounds since 1965, and has built up a worldwide reputation for innovation, dedication and quality.

Track Listing:
CD 1

1. Sama'l Thaqil: Arabesque: Arabic percussion
2. Acholi Bwala Dance (Uganda): African drums and shakers
3. War Drums (Sudan): African drums
4. Bunyoro Madinda (Sudan): African banana trunk xylophone
5. Devil's Dream: Jim Couza (USA): Hammer dulcimer
6. Shenpadei Folksong (China): Chan Ki Cham: yan-qing (dulcimer)
7. Night (China): Ho Man Chuen: Chinese percussion
8. Chinese Martial Arts: Jing Ying Soloists: Chinese percussion ensemble
9. Ducks Quacking (China): Ho Man Chuen: Chinese percussion ensemble
10. Amancer Andino (Andes): Caliche: Andean Bombo drum & ensemble
11. Celebration of Harvest (Japan): Joji Hirota: Multi percussion
12. Ubiquity (Japan): Joji Hirota: Multi percussion
13. Euphoria (Caribbean): Melodian Steel Band
14. Meke Iwau (Fiji): Club dance
15. Meke Seasea (Fiji): Slit log drum
16. New Year Celebration (Fiji): Bamboo guns and clapping
17. Gilo Stones (Solomon Islands): Stone xylophone
18. Timbunke Garamut Drums (Papua New Guinea): Sacred drums
19. Kanengara War Dance (Papua New Guinea): Drums and scrapers
20. Wagi Brothers Bamboo Band (Papua New Guinea): Bamboo band
21. Temazcal (Mexico): Javier Alvarez: Maracas and electroacoustics
Total duration: 75.45

CD 2
1. Longa (Arabic): Arabesque: Arabic percussion
2. Cerga (Arabic): Arabesque: Arabic percussion
3. An Dro Nevez (Breton): Robin Canter: Bombarde & side drum
4. Tuba Gallicalis (France): York Waits: Ensemble with drum & tambourine
5. Alborada (Spain): Robin Canter: Dulzaina & side drum
6. Quen quer que ten en desden (Spain): Sine Nomine: Voices & darabukka
7. Todos los Biennes (Spain):York Waits:Ensemble with drum & tambourine
8. Roowe Well/Carman’s Whistle(England): York Waits: Drums/pipe & tabor
9. Jameko (England): Broadside Band: Ensemble with tabor
10. Living Without You (England): Hunt & Turner: Drum kit
11. Rano (Rajasthan): Langa musicians: Santara with dholak drums
12. Rag Megh (Gat) (N India): Ustad Latif Khan (tabla) with sitar & sarod
13. Bird Dance Hula (Hawaii): Gourd drum (pahu)
14. Song of Papa Kiko (Easter Island): Clapping stones
15. Meke Wesi Spear Dance (Fiji): Slit log drum (lali)
16. Funafuti Chorus (Tuvalu, Australia): Clapping, body, slit log drum
17. Children's Games (Tokelau, Polynesia): Children's clapping songs
18. Akatikatika drum dance (Cook Island): Cabin tin, slit log drums
19. Haka Tapatapa (Marquesas Island, Polynesia): large drum and clapping
20. Otea Drum Dance (Tahiti, Polynesia): Drums and stamping
21. The Sakuddei (Indonesia): Drums and feet
22. Poll Ha'penny (Ireland): Celtic harp and Bodhran
23. Bowl Voices (Tibet): Alain Presencer: Tibetan singing bowls
24. Men's stick dance (Yap, Micronesia): Sticks
25. Te Kamei Batere (Kiribati, Micronesia): Clapping
26. Tibwerri (Kiribati, Micronesia): Biscuit tin, wooden box
27. Turkish rondo (Mozart): Richard Burnett: fortepiano with ‘Turkish Music’
Total duration: 76.59

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