Christmas Carols | Supraphon SU41922

Christmas Carols


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Label: Supraphon

Cat No: SU41922

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Christmas

Release Date: 13th November 2015


Christmas. A word that most likely takes us back to our childhood, a festive time veiled in mystery. A magical word evoking a plethora of colours, fragrances and tones. A time when perhaps everyone sings at least a few of the best-known carols, which have always been sung at home.

One such, the hymn 'Christ the Lord is Born', resounding in full strength and joy in churches and throughout Advent and beyond, is based on a Latin song more than half a millennium old. Many other Bohemian and Moravian carols have been sung since the 17th or 18th century.

People in other European countries too have for centuries cherished songs emanating a peculiar power and magic. The most popular Yuletide songs in England include 'Good King Wenceslas', telling the legend of Saint Wenceslas, King of Bohemia.

The present album contains more than 80 minutes of music – the most beautiful Bohemian and Moravian carols, supplemented by old Christmas songs of other European nations. They have been given a singular sound by Miroslav Venhoda, an artist who has co-formed a new performance approach to Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.

The songs featured on this recording created the festive atmosphere in the homes of our ancestors and still continue to evoke the mysterious Christmas time of our childhood.

The most beautiful carols enhancing the festive Christmas atmosphere.

Track Listing:
1. Pásli ovce Valaši
2. Dej Buh štestí
3. Já bych rád k Betlému
4. Nesem vám noviny
5. Chtíc aby spal
6. Pujdem spolu do Betléma
7. Syn Boží se nám narodil
8. Vondráši, Matóši
9. Poslechnete mne málo
10. Kristus Pán se narodil
11. Byla cesta, byla ušlapaná
12. Slyšte, slyšte pastuškové
13. Detátko se narodilo
14. Jak jsi krásné, nevinátko
15. Narodil se Kristus Pán

16. Es ist ein Rose entsprungen
17. Het was een maget uyt vercoren (Kerstlied)
18. Rajske strune zadonite
19. Kalin i mera archondes
20. Nous étions trois bergerettes
21. Los animales ante el Nacimiento
22. Dormi, dormi, Bambin
23. Izraslo mi, Giorge
24. Entre le boeuf et l'ane gris
25. Nu är det jul igen
26. Jeg er sa glad hver julekveld
27. Jezus malusienki
28. Der Heiland ist geboren
29. Good King Wenceslas
30. Gloria, gloria in excelsis

31. Fulgent nunc Natalitia
32. Improvisation I
33. Ons is gheboren
34. Sanctissima, mitissima
35. Improvisation II
36. Ecce quod natura
37. Dies est laetitiae
38. Improvisation III
39. Illuminare, Jerusalem
40. Stella nuova
41. Danielis Prophetia
42. Improvisation IV
43. Eja martyr Stephane
44. Salve lux fidelium
45. Improvisation V
46. Else, else, else
47. Improvisation VI

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