Leiden Choirbooks Vol.6 | Etcetera KTC1415

Leiden Choirbooks Vol.6


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Label: Etcetera

Cat No: KTC1415

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 31st July 2015



The programming for this, the final double CD in the series, is somewhat different from earlier releases. The first CD presents two complete Masses, the Missa Peccata mea by Lupus Hellinck and the Missa Nisi Dominus by Pierre de Manchicourt. These are complemented by a number of short liturgical works.

The second CD demonstrates how a polyphonic Mass would have sounded in the context of a celebration of the Mass in the 16th century.

Track Listing:
CD 1
1. Cibavit Eos, A4
Johannes Flamingus

Missa 'Peccata Mea'  
2. Kyrie, A4
3. Gloria, A4
4. Credo, A4
5. Sanctus, A4
6. Agnus Dei, A4-5  
Lupus Hellinck
Crucifixum In Carne, A3  
7. Secunda Pars: Recordamini Quomodo Predixit, A3  
Johannes Flamingus
Missa 'Nisi Dominus', A4
8. Kyrie
9. Gloria
10. Credo
11. Sanctus
12. Agnus Dei
Pierre de Manchicourt
Regina Celi, A4
13. Secunda Pars: Resurrexit Dixit Vobis, A4
Franciscus Mergot De Novo Portu
CD 2
1. Asperges Me, A4
2. Confiteor
3. Introit: Cibavit Eos
Johannes Flamingus

Missa 'Philomena'
4. Kyrie, A4
5. Gloria, A4
6. Epistle
7. Gradual: Oculi Omnium
8. Evangelium
9. Credo, A4
10. Offertory: Portas Caeli Aperuit  
11. Secreta- with anonymous response  
12. Preface - with anonymous response  
13. Sanctus, A4
14. Canon / Consecration
15. Pater Noster - with anonymous response  
16. Agnus Dei, A4-5
Claudin De Sermisy
Communion Sedit Angelus
17. Crucifixum In Carne, A3  
18. Postcommunion
Johannes Flamingus

19. Christe Qui Lux Es
Joachimus De Monte

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