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Label: Ramee

Cat No: RAM1406

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 18th May 2015



Michal Gondko (lute)


Michal Gondko (lute)


In addition to the works attributed to the lutenists active at the Royal Polish court in the late sixteenth century, there is a substantial repertoire of compositions identified as ‘Polish dances’ or ‘Polish songs’ which have been preserved in numerous sources of late Renaissance lute music.

Characterized by an irresistible melodic charm and a straightforward harmonic and rhythmical texture, such musical polonica spread across Europe, achieving what might have been the widest distribution of musical ‘Polishness’ before Chopin.

Four hundred years later, Polish lutenist Michal Gondko sets out to trace polonica in lute tablatures from around 1600, and presents a selection of forty compositions, many of which have not been previously recorded.

Track Listing:
01. [Chorea] eiusdem nationis (= polonica, Leipzig, p.405)
02. Chorea polonica (Leipzig, p.404)
03. [Chorea polonica] eiusdem [authoris] (= A[lberti] D[ługoraj], Leipzig, p.407)
04. Cantio polonica (Leipzig, p.489)
05. [Polnischer Tantz] (Waissel 1591, No.1)
06. [Polnischer Tantz] (Waissel 1591, No.33)
07. [Polnischer Tantz] (Waissel 1591, No.10)
08. [Polnischer Tantz] (Waissel 1591, No.19)
09. [Polnischer Tantz] (Waissel 1591, No.13)
10. Villanella AD (= Długoraj, Leipzig, p.518)
11. Villanella polonica (Leipzig, p.481)
12. Finale Alberti Dlugorai (Besard 1603, f.36r)
13. Chorea polonica (Leipzig, p.393)
14. Chorea polonica AD (= Długoraj, Leipzig, p.407)
15. Chorea polonica (Leipzig, p.368)
16. Fantasia AD (= Długoraj, based on Leipzig, p.58, and Mertel 1615, p.190)
17. Polskey tanecz welmy pekney (Arpinus, p.39)
18. Polnisch Tantz (Fabricius, f.83v)
19. Ein Pol[n]ischer Tantz (Bathori) (based on Wurstisen, p.237)
20. Praelud[ium] Diomed[is] (= Diomedes Cato, Besard 1603 f. 4v)
21. Galliarda di Diomede (= Cato, olim BDG; Chilesotti, p.8, No.9)
22. Danza [polacca?] (olim BDG; Chilesotti, p.47, No.42)
23. Casp[ari] Polon[i] G[agliarda] (= Kasper Sielicki, Genova, f.127r)
24. Fantasia Alberti Dlugorai Poloni (Besard 1603, f.27r)
25. A Pollish Vilanell (Hume 1605, No.16)
26. A Polish Ayre (Hume 1605, No.15)
27. Ballo Polaco (Terzi 1599, p.106)
28. Chorea polonica Mówi na mię sąsiada AF (?, Wurstisen, p.294)
29. Ein polnischer Tantz (Zuzanneczko) (Nauclerus, f.38v)
30. Chançon a la Polonnoise Susannesco (= Zuzanneczko, Vallet 1615, p.94)
31. Autre Taned Spolski (Vallet 1615, p.94)
32. B[alletto] P[olacho] (Berlin, f.20v)
33. B[alletto] P[olacho] (Berlin, f.28v)
34. B[alletto] P[olacho] (Berlin, f.29v)
35. B[alletto] P[olacho] (Berlin, f.30v)
36. B[alletto] P[olacho] (Berlin, f.32r)
37. Allemande (Bathori) (Denss 1594, f.35v)
38. Taned Spolski (Haslemere, f.247v-248r)
39. Galliarda eiusdem authoris (= Jacob Reys, Besard 1617, p.37)
40. Fantasia Iac[obi] Reys (Besard 1603, f.21r)

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