Guido Morini - Solve et Coagula | Alpha ALPHA537

Guido Morini - Solve et Coagula


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Label: Alpha

Cat No: ALPHA537

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Opera

Release Date: 22nd September 2014



Marco Beasley (tenor)
Guido Morini (accordion)


Morini, Guido

Solve et Coagula


Marco Beasley (tenor)
Guido Morini (accordion)


This new recording pays tribute to an ill-known, mysterious figure of 18th-century Naples: Prince Raimondo di Sangro. A soldier, scientist, poet, alchemist and freemason, he bequeathed us a palace and a magnificent chapel, the site of a tragedy that was at the origin of the murder committed by the great composer Gesualdo. This chapel still houses artistic and scientific works both beautiful and mysterious, which serve as an initiatory itinerary for the visitor.

The intuition of Guido Morini and Marco Beasley was to use this itinerary and make it the dramatic framework for a singular, innovative work that they have entitled Solve et Coagula, an alchemist maxim meaning ‘Dissolve and congeal’.

A veritable dramma per musica, this work calls on different ‘historical’ creative processes in order to let us discover a unique story, featuring the rhythm of tarantellas, ostinati and mysterious fugues.

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