Rossini - Il Barbiere di Siviglia (transcribed for wind ensemble) | Tactus TB791807

Rossini - Il Barbiere di Siviglia (transcribed for wind ensemble)


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Label: Tactus

Cat No: TB791807

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 1st September 2014



The second half of the eighteenth century witnessed the widespread popularity in Germanic and Hapsburg regions of a particular type of wind ensemble of varying forces known as Harmonie. Much musical entertainment from this period was destined for such an ensemble, as well as for mixed forces comprised of strings and winds.

The repertoire of musical genres designed to entertain eighteenth-century society consisted of divertissements, cassations, serenades and nocturnes, performed for the most part outdoors, as well as 'dining music' played at important banquets, and Harmoniemusik heard at parties and ceremonies.

The tradition of Harmoniemusik dates back to the beginning of the century, for already in 1705 a group of oboes and horns was employed at the Prussian court. The instrumental ensembles were most typically comprised of three or four pairs of winds, especially woodwinds, combined in various ways and reaching a total of ten or twelve instruments: pairs of oboes or clarinets (often both), a pair of bassoons, and pairs of horns and trumpets representing the brass family. Original pieces were performed, together with transcriptions of celebrated works such as this adaptation by Wenzel Sedlak of Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia.

Track Listing:
1. Andante maestoso, Allegro vivace
Introduzione Piano pianissimo
2. Moderato
Cavatina Ecco ridente il cielo
3. Largo
4. Allegro
5. Vivace
Cavatina Largo al factotum
6. Vivace
Duetto All’idea di quel metallo
7. Allegro maestoso
8. Allegro
Cavatina Una voce poco fa
9. Andante
10. Moderato
Aria La calunnia è un venticello
11. Allegro
Duetto Dunque io son
12. Allegro
13. Marciale
14. Lento
15. Allegro
16. Allegro
17. Allegro
Quintetto Pace e gioia
18. Moderato
19. Allegro
20. Allegro
Terzetto Ah, qual colpo inaspettato
21. Andante
22. Allegro
Variazioni di Madame Catalani
23. Andante con due variazioni
Finale Di sì felice innesto
24. Polonoise

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