America! Vol.4: Beyond the Will of God | Le Chant du Monde 274233132

America! Vol.4: Beyond the Will of God


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Label: Le Chant du Monde

Cat No: 274233132

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 10th March 2014



Golden Gate Quartet
Soul Stirrers
Louis Armstrong
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet


Golden Gate Quartet
Soul Stirrers
Louis Armstrong
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet


The AMERICA collection provides a glimpse into 20th century American music. With Gospel, Blues and Jazz, black people gave the world the foundations on which most types of Western music - Rhythm & Blues, Soul Music, Rock 'n' Roll, Funk, Rap - were to be built.

Each of our (2 CD) anthologies gets to the very heart of these genres and explains their origins, their rationale and their evolution.

CD 1

1. Blind Barnabus

Lucie E Campbell
2. Jesus gave me water

3. Go down Moses
4. Down here I've done my best

Charles Alfred Dunham
5. I dreamed of the judgement morning

6. Jezebel
7. Didn't it rain?
8. Ezekiel saw de wheel/Swing low sweet chariot/Keep yo'hand on the plow

John P Ballew
9. Hide you in the blood

Reverend J M Gates
10. Down here, Lord waiting for you

11. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
12. The Sun didn't shine
13. Preach my word
14. Run for a long time

Henry Joiner
15. Hallelu, hallelu

Clara Gholston Brock
16. Do Lord send me

17. Stalin' wasn't stallin'
18. Wade in the water
19. I'll live again
20. When the saints go marching in
21. I'm free at last
22. One day
23. Down by the riverside

Huddie Ledbetter
24. Stewball

25. Fifty miles of Elbow room
26. Gabriel
27. Holy mountain

CD 2
1. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Nina Simone
2. He's got the whole world in his hands

Charles Albert Indley
3. Leave it there

4. Amazing grace
5. I'll never forget

Henry Thacker Burleigh
6. Deep river

William Herbert Brewster
7. Holding on! [part one]
8. Holding on! [part two]

9. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Reverend Isiah Shelton
10. The Liar

Roosevelt Graves
11. Woke up this morning with my mind on Jesus

B Beale
12. Great day

Alan Lomax
13. Pick a bale of cotton

14. Lord, stand by me

Willie Johnson
15. Let your light shine on me

William R Calaway
16. Jesus was here on business

17. In the wildnerness

Reverend Columbus C. Chapman
18. On my way (got on my travelin' shoes)

Arnold Dwight Moore
19. The Bible's being fulfilled every day

20. God's got a crown

Thomas Andrew Dorsey
21. Search me Lord

Alex Bradford
22. Said I wasn't gonna tell somebody

Reverend Kelsey
23. Tell me how long

24. Down on me
25. Run old Jeremiah [Good Lord]

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