Andres Segovia and his Contemporaries Vol.12 | Doremi DHR7996

Andres Segovia and his Contemporaries Vol.12


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Label: Doremi

Cat No: DHR7996

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 6th January 2014



One of the most important releases of historical recordings of the classical guitar ever! Francisco Tarrega was the father of the modern guitar, his influence immeasurable. Besides the early cylinder extract of the Master playing his own music, this CD includes recordings made by all of his distinguished disciples - Llobet, Fortea, Pujol, Robledo, Calatayud. Most tracks have never been reissued since their original release in the 1920s and 30s.

In addition, it offers equally rare performances by some of their students - Segovia, Rodes and Sainz de la Maza. Finally, the CD highlights what may be the first solo guitar recording ever made, as early as 1897 - a wax recording by Simon Ramirez of the famous Romance d'Amour.

MIGUEL LLOBET (1878-1938)
- Dos Canciones Mexicanos (Manuel Ponce)
- Sarabande (J S Bach)
- Andantino (Fernando Sor)
- Studio Brillante (Napoleon Coste)

DANIEL FORTEA (1882-1953)
- Elegia a Tárrega (Daniel Fortea)
- Capricho Arabe (Francisco Tárrega)
- Munecos de Carton (Daniel Fortea)
- Andaluza, danza no.5 (Enrique Granados)

- Marcha Hungara (B. Calatayud)
- Gavota (B Calatayud)

EMILIO PUJOL (1886-1980)
- Pavane 1, Pavane 2, Pavane 3 (Luis Milan)
- Durandarte [acc. Maria Cid, vocal] (Luis Milan)
- Paseabase el rey moro (romance) (Miguel de Fuenllana)
- Vos me matasteis (villancico) (Vasquez)
- A las armas moriscote (Diego Pisador)
- Danza del molinero (Manuel de Falla)
- Danza de La Vida Breve (Manuel de Falla)

ANDRES SEGOVIA (1893-1987)
- Homenaje a Debussy (Manuel de Falla)
- El Mestre (Miguel Llobet)

- Prelude 1 (Francisco Tarrega)
- Prelude 2 (Francisco Tarrega)
- Prelude 5 (Francisco Tarrega)
- Capricho Arabe (Francisco Tarrega)

- Scherzo-Gavota (Francisco Tarrega)
- Bouree (from Partita 1 for violin) (J S Bach)

ROSITA RODES (1906-1975)
- Gran Jota de Concierto (Francisco Tarrega)
- Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega)

SIMON RAMIREZ (dates unknown)
- Estudio para Guitarra (Anon)
One of the very first classical guitar recordings ever made! C.1897 - 1901

- Maria - Gavota (Francisco Tárrega) wax cylinder (1899 or 1908)
Extract from the only known recording made by Tárrega

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