Marriage between the Rhine and the Thames | Christophorus CHR77371

Marriage between the Rhine and the Thames


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Label: Christophorus

Cat No: CHR77371

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 11th March 2013



Celebration Music for the marriage of Prince Elector Frederick V to Elizabeth Stuart, London & Heidelberg 1613.

When the Palatinate Prince-Elector Friedrich V married the English Princess Elizabeth Stuart on Valentine's Day 1613, the whole world spoke of the "marriage between the Rhine and the Thames". The Calvinist Electoral Palatinate led the union of the Protestant German princes at this time and the Palatinate politicians saw in Anglican England a powerful ally against the Catholic Habsburgs. Thus this marriage was, of course, politically motivated; but there is considerable evidence that the two young people were actually fond of each other.

In London, the wedding was initially postponed due to the state mourning at the sudden death of the brother of the bride, and of the English heir to the throne, Price Henry, but it later took place on 14 February 1613 following hasty preparations. After the arrival of the newlyweds in the Electoral Palatinate, the festivities were resumed at Heidelberg Castle.

The Ensemble I Ciarlatani has reconstructed the many musical highlights with the help of historical reports, and presents the "marriage between the Rhine and the Thames" as an exciting musical story enabling us to witness the events of those times.

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