Le Concert Spirituel: A 25th Anniversary Celebration | Glossa GCD921626

Le Concert Spirituel: A 25th Anniversary Celebration


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Label: Glossa

Cat No: GCD921626

Barcode: 8424562216266

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 22nd October 2012



Le Concert Spirituel


Herve Niquet


Le Concert Spirituel


Herve Niquet


26 years ago, Hervé Niquet recalls having become so incensed with the disparaging remarks directed at French music and the 'Lamentations' of Jean Gilles 'in particular' by a conductor of a choir in which he was then singing that he vowed to set up his own ensemble and record the work - and demonstrate furthermore other beauties of music from his country (and beyond).

And so Le Concert Spirituel was born, now celebrating its quarter century, its vocal and instrumental forces constantly delighting audiences with its joyous celebration of music from the 17th and 18th centuries (and now with Charles-Simon Catel’s Sémiramis, the dawn of the 19th).

To mark the anniversary, Glossa is now issuing an attractively-priced double-disc celebration, with Niquet pulling out the stops from across Le Concert Spirituel’s broad and expansive range (and he started musical life as an organist, after all): Baroque sacred music, Marc-Antoine Charpentier assuredly; selections from Le Concert Spirituel’s “re-oxygenation”, as he calls it, of the tragédie lyrique (Grétry, Campra, Destouches), but also demonstrations of his own nimble-footed theatrical tendency (Niquet is an avowed fan of the musichall!) in Handel, Purcell and Striggio.

Musical ostentation and bravura are concluded on each disc by some of Niquet’s own special bonnes bouches: Boismortier, D’Agincour, Marais and excerpts from his 'other' Charpentier (Gustave). All accompanied by a sparkling apéritif from the conductor himself about how Le Concert Spirituel came to reach its 25th anniversary!

CD 1

Pierre Bouteiller
Missa pro defunctis
 01. Prélude (Henri Frémart)
 02. Elevatio: Pie Jesu

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Missa Assumpta est Maria
 03. Gloria
 04. Credo: Credo in unum Deum – Patrem omnipotentem

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Messe de Monsieur de Mauroy
 05. Agnus Dei
 06. Envoi

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Messe à huit voix
 07. Prélude da capo – Kyrie da capo – Sinfonie pour finir le Kyrie

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Te Deum à huit voix
 08. Te aeternum
 09. Tibi Cherubim
 10. Pleni sunt caeli

George Frideric Handel
Music for the Royal Fireworks
 Ouverture. Adagio
 12. Ouverture. Allegro

Alessandro Striggio
Missa sopra Ecco sì beato giorno
 13. Gloria
 14. Agnus Dei

Henry Purcell

King Arthur
 15. Act III Symphony
 16. Act IV Sirens: Two daughters of this aged stream
 17. Act IV Passacaglia - How happy the lover
 18. Act IV Symphony
Véronique Gens (soprano) / Hanna Bayodi (soprano) / Béatrice Jarrige (alto) / Cyril Auvity (high tenor) / Joseph Cornwell (tenor) / Peter Harvey (bass)

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Sonate VI à quatre parties
 19. Adagio – Allegro – Largo – Allegro

François d’Agincour
Pièces de clavecin dédiées à la reine
 20. Second Ordre. Chaconne: La Sonning
Hervé Niquet (harpsichord) / Caroline Delume (baroque guitar)

Gustave Charpentier
La Vie du poète
 21. Acte I «Enthousiasme» (frag.)
Flemish Radio Choir / Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra

Robert Gilbert
 22. Air pour Célestin
Hervé Niquet (voice)

CD 2

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Daphnis & Chloé
 01. Act II Musette
 02. Act II Air gai et gracieux: Que l’absence...
 03. Act II Musette: Que loin...
 04. Act II Rondeau: De l’Amour...
 05. Act II Tambourin
 06. Act II Chœur: Vents orageux
Gaëlle Méchaly (soprano) / Marie-Louise Duthoit (soprano) / François-Nicolas Geslot (high tenor)

Henry Purcell
Dido & Aeneas
 07. Act II Sorceress: Wayward sisters
 08. Act II Witches: But ere we this perform
 09. Act II Chorus: In our deep-vaulted cell
Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano)

André Cardinal Destouches
 10. Act I Scène première: O nuit témoin...
 11. Act II Scène première: Espoir, revenez...
 12. Act II Scène cinquième: Quel coup...
 13. Act V. Scène troisième: Ah! Prince, ...
Stéphanie d’Oustrac (mezzo-soprano) / Cyril Auvity (high tenor) / João Fernandes (bass)

Marin Marais

 14. Act III Prélude et récit: Tremble des maux...
 15. Act III Air: Amour, régnez en paix
 16. Act III Prélude et récit: Terrible Roy...
 17. Act III Symphonie
 18. Act III Récit: Le charme est fait
 19. Act III Chœur et récit: Ordonne...
 20. Act III Chœur: Qu’un affreux ravage...
 21. Act III Air pour les furies
 22. Act III Récit: Cesse ; je ne puis plus résister
Shannon Mercer (soprano) / Hjördis Thébault (mezzo-soprano)

André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry
 23. Act III Combat
 24. Act III Hermione: Quels cris...
 25. Act III Oreste: Princesse, c’en est fait !
 26. Act III Hermione: Barbare, ne voyais-tu pas
 27. Act III Oreste: Est-ce Hermione ?
 28. Act III Choeur: Ô fureur !
 29. Act III Choeur: Sauvons-le de sa fureur !
 30. Act III Oreste: Filles d’enfer...
 31. Act III Choeur: Dieux implacables...
Maria-Riccarda Wesseling (mezzo-soprano) / Tassis Christoyannis (baritone)

André Campra
Le Carnaval de Venise
 32. Prologue. Premier et second passepied
 33. Acte I La Vénitienne
 34. Acte II Premier et second canaries
 35. Acte III Marche des gondoliers
 36. Acte III Rigaudon
 37. Orfeo nell’inferi: Sinfonia
 38. Orfeo nell’inferi: Aria per gli spirti folletti
 39. Le Bal: Marche du Carnaval
 40. Le Bal: Bourrée
 41. Le Bal: Menuets en rondeau
 42. Le Bal; Chaconne
Mathias Vidal (high tenor)

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Daphnis & Chloé
 43. Acte III Chaconne

Marin Marais
 44. Prologue. Troisième air pour les Ménades

André Cardinal Destouches
 45. Act IV Premier air des bergers

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