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Baranova - Atlas of Imaginary Places (Vinyl LP) | Neue Meister 0302573NM

Marina Baranova: Atlas of Imaginary Places
Marina Baranova

12" Album


Label: Neue Meister

Cat No: 0302573NM

Number of Discs: 1

Duration: 00:43:19

Expected Release Date: 10th December 2021

Item is currently due 10th December 2021.

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*** Vinyl LP Version ***

Marina Baranova knows a thing or two about conjuring fantastical worlds. Since her childhood when she’d sit with her fairy tale books open in front of the piano translating the pictures she saw into sound worlds up to her last album, where she envisioned a darker side to Debussy, the Ukrainian composer and pianist’s imagination has always played an active role in the music she plays. For her latest release, Atlas of Imaginary Places, she lets it run the show. For it, Baranova worked with the Danish visual artist Christian Gundtoft and Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Kompaniets to conceive more than just an album. “I wanted to create this alternative listening experience,” she explains, “Don’t underestimate the power of imagination, now more than ever, it’s important to remember we have this treasure within us.”


Side A
1. Leviathan Town
2. The Rain Spirits’ Realm
3. Islands Adrift
4. Diamond Desert
5. Constellation Machine
6. In Limbo of Dreams Unresolved
7. Enchanted Hills
8. The Rainbow Bridge
9. Celestial Seacraft Flying over the River

Side B
10. No-Fairies’ Forest
11. The Lake of a Thousand Eyes
12. The Garden
13. Polar Zone
14. Cradle of Clouds
15. The Canopy of Heaven
16. The Clutch
17. Caverns Beyond the Sea

Track Listing

Track Listing

Track NumberTrack Name
1Leviathan Town
2The Rain Spirits' Realm
3Islands Adrift
4Diamond Desert
5Constellation Machine
6In Limbo of Dreams Unresolved
7Enchanted Hills
8The Rainbow Bridge
9Celestial Seacraft Flying Over the River
10No-fairies' Forest
11The Lake of a Thousand Eyes
12The Garden
13Polar Zone
14Cradle of Clouds
15The Canopy of Heaven
16The Clutch
17Caverns Beyond the Sea

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