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Horizon: Zero Dawn - Various Artists | Scee SIEE3LPC2

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Various Artists

12" Album Coloured Vinyl Box Set

Azure blue coloured vinyl.


Item is currently due 1st January 2025.

Order now and we will ship as soon as available.

Label: Scee


Number of Discs: 4

Expected Release Date: 1st January 2025



The Ivor Novela award-winning 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' soundtrack has been a collaboration with composers Joris De Man, Joe Henson, Alexis Smith, Niels Van Der Leest and the Guerrilla Games Audio Team. Opting for a thematic approach, 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' has a strong motif that plays often in many variations throughout the game ensuring a cohesive soundtrack. - Azure blue coloured vinyl.

Track Listing

Track Listing

Disc 1
1Prologue (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
2Aloy's Theme (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
3Motherless (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
4Vanished Voices (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
5Seal Your LipsStudio
6Tell Me (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
7The Point of the SpearStudio
8Years of TrainingStudio
9The Proving (Feat. Circle Percussion & Julie Elven)Studio
10A Boon SeekerStudio
11Aloy's Theme (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
13Where You Came From (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
15What the Seeker Had Sought (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
17The Cavalry Breaks Through (Feat. Julie Elven & Circle Percussion)Studio
18Across the DaybrinkStudio
19Victory (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
20Homecoming (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
Disc 2
1City On the MesaStudio
2Meridian, ShiningStudio
3Delver's HymnalStudio
4To Call Our OwnStudio
5Song to the Sun (Dawning)Studio
6Song to the Sun (Evening)Studio
7Who Do You RememberStudio
8Happy Birthday, IsaacStudio
9Questions On QuestionsStudio
10Parting the LeavesStudio
11Only DustStudio
12The Long Way ThereStudio
13Strange CustomsStudio
14All According ToStudio
15Walking in CircuitsStudio
16Where You GoStudio
18Great HeightsStudio
19Grass Covers SteelStudio
20New VowsStudio
21A Natural BreathStudio
22Her Promise UnfurledStudio
23Hold, Then ReleaseStudio
24Night in the ValleyStudio
25Mother's VigilanceStudio
26The Dimming LandStudio
27Beads Fallen On BronzeStudio
28To Hush the JewelStudio
29Brilliance StirsStudio
30As Is Plainly SeenStudio
31A Light, WestwardStudio
32Another Day RustsStudio
Disc 3
1Her Breath, Her LandStudio
2In Great StridesStudio
3Within the EmbraceStudio
4On Our Mother's ShouldersStudio
5The World and All Its LessonsAlternate Version
6A Resplendent SoilStudio
7All That the Light ReachesStudio
8This New WildernessStudio
9Machine DreamsStudio
Disc 4
1Will Against Will (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
2Force MultiplicationStudio
3The Future By Its ThroatStudio
5The Spreading EclipseStudio
6Threat AssessmentStudio
7The Bad News (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
8The Good News (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
9Hologram Myth (Feat. Julie Elven)Studio
10The Memory of Old WallsStudio
11Setting OutStudio
12To the Hunt!Studio
13Drums in the Sun RingStudio

Preview Tracks

Preview Tracks

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