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Shovel Knight: King of Cards + Showdown -  | Bigwax GS18LP

Shovel Knight: King of Cards + Showdown

12" Album Coloured Vinyl (Limited Edition)


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Label: Bigwax

Cat No: GS18LP

Number of Discs: 3

Release Date: 3rd September 2021

Track Listing

Track Listing

Disc 1
1A Proclamation Most High - Storybook Intro
2Visiting Mom
3Joustus - These Noble Halls (Village House)
4Joustus - Cannon in B-flat Major
5Joustus - Just a Minuet
6Joustus - The Royal Overture
7Joustus - Earthen Waltz (Cave House)
8Joustus - Magmazurka in a Mine-R
9Joustus - Overlook Interlude (Mountain House)
10Joustus - The Hatchling's Reflection
11Joustus - Étude De L'ordre (Tower House)
12Joustus - Sonatina Della Torre
13Joustus - Infinity's Prelude
14Joustus - Troops, Form Up!
15Joustus - Victory, As Expected
16Joustus - Dealt a Setback
17Joustus - A Stalemate
18Pride Before Order (Pridemoor Map)
19Glory to King Knight!
20Long Shall His Majesty Triumph
21I Shall Be King for All Time
22A Round On the Crown
23Boss Intro - Buildup 01
24Boss Intro - Buildup 02
25Boss Intro - Buildup 03
26Boss - The Swift Kicker
Disc 2
1Cruise Control (Airship)
2A Silly Talking Fish (Troupple Map)
3The Buzz in the Grotto (Troupple Pond)
4Boss - Ye Fruitly Benediction
5The Fairy Glade
6All Hail the Fairy King
7Some Blasted Hill (Birder Mountain Map)
8The Crosswise Crosswinds (Birder Mountain)
9Boss - The Oblique Angel
10Crowd Control (Upgraded Airship)
11My Ascent Looms (Tower Map)
12Boss - The Twilight of Tomorrow
13Boss - Fit to Be Crowned
14Coup D'état (Ending)
15Trailer - King of Cards
Disc 3
1Showdown - Fields of Fire (Title)
2Showdown - Select a Character!
3Showdown - Some Kind of Colosseum
4Showdown - Show Up for the Showdown!
5Showdown - The War in the Mirror (Colosseum)
6Showdown - Make Haste!
7Showdown - Hyper Victory
8Showdown - Results
9Trailer - Showdown
10Pastorale (Village Interiors)
11The Local Happenstance (Village Basement)
12Bucklers and Bonnets (Armorer Interior)
13A Decisive Blow (Streetpass Arena)
14Fighting Spirit (Streetpass Arena - Battle Ghosts)

Preview Tracks

Preview Tracks

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