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The Whalebone Box -  | Invada Records INV239LP

The Whalebone Box

12" Album


Label: Invada Records

Cat No: INV239LP

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 5th March 2021

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Track Listing

Track Listing

Track NumberTrack NameArtistDuration
1SoundingsAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer5:11
2The Passage OutAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer4:02
3The Sperm WhaleAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer9:37
4Far Away LandAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer5:45
5The Filthy EnactmentAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer3:52
6The Whiteness of the WhaleAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer3:11
7A Cold War for the WhaleAndrew Kötting & Oliver Cherer7:29
8Sealed OrdersAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen9:16
9The Divine MagnetAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen2:16
10Very Like a WhaleAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen4:01
11The Correct Use of WhalesAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen2:31
12The Whale WatchAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen7:01
13The Melancholy WhaleAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen7:33
14The Ends of the EarthAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen3:41
15The Final ChaseAndrew Kötting & Riz Maslen6:55

Preview Tracks

Preview Tracks

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