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Channel Classics started in 1990 with the name coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam (Kanaalstraat). Jared Sacks and his Dutch wife Lydi Groenewegen together with a group of assistants work closely with distributors in 38 countries to promote the artists through the CDís.

Channel Classics has always been focussed on working with a select roster of incredible musicians, in many cases nurturing and supporting them as they mature and develop. The catalogue now boasts some of the most respected names currently in classical music Rachel Podger, Florilegium, Dejan Lazic, Netherlands Bach Society, Johannette Zomer and Pieter Wispelwey. Artists of the calibre of Ivan Fischer, with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, have chosen to step away from major labels in order to work with Channel Classics due of the freedom that the label provides artists.

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