Jordi Savall: The Celtic Viol (Airs & Dances) | Alia Vox AVSA9865

Jordi Savall: The Celtic Viol (Airs & Dances)


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Label: Alia Vox

Cat No: AVSA9865

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 27th April 2009



Jordi Savall (treble viols)
Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, psalterium)


Jordi Savall (treble viols)
Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, psalterium)


Thanks to in-depth researches on original manuscripts, Jordi Savall reveals the hidden beauties of Irish and Scottish music from the 17th to 19th centuries. The transcription from fiddle to treble baroque viol sounds so obvious that everyone realises the closeness of traditional and ancient repertoires immediately. Most of the pieces are irresistibly vivid and virtuoso, some are more melancholy, but all of them deserve the renaissance Jordi Savall offers them in his customary, masterly manner.

And... for the first time in Alia Vox history, the cover art features a photo of Jordi Savall!

Booklet: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Gaelic, Irish

The Musical Priest /Schotch Mary - Traditional Irish
Caledonia's Wail for Niel Gow - Captain Simon Fraser (1816 Collection)
The Humours of Scariff - Traditional Irish

Alistair Macalastair Strathspey by Nathaniel Gow
Tom Brigg's, Jig
Ryan's Mammoth Collection [RMC]
The Globby O, Jig [RMC]
Lord Moira's & Jinrikisha [RMC]
Sackow's (Jig) - Traditional Irish

Hard is my Fate - Traditional Scottish
Chapel Keithack - William Marshall (1822 Collection)
Gudewife, Admit the Wanderer - Captain Simon Fraser

Macpherson's Lament - James Macpherson (ca.1675-1700)
Tullochgorum - Traditional Scottish Reel
Pretty Peggy - Traditional Scottish/Irish?

Twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town - H Playford's Dancing Master
Mairi Bhan Ug'Mary Young & fair - Captain Simon Fraser
Dowd's Reel - Traditional Irish

Lady Mary Hay's Scots Measure - Scottish Dance
Carolan's Farewell
Gusty's Frolics Donegal - Traditional
Emigrants Reel [RMC]

The Lamentations of Owen - Carolan
Princess Beatrice - W B Laybourn (1835-1886) Book III
Prince Charlie's Last view of Edinburgh - Traditional Scottish
Trip it Upstairs (Single Jig) - Traditional Irish

Mrs McPherson of Gibton - William Marshall (1822 Collection)
Tuttle's - Traditional Irish
Lament for the Death of his SecondWife - Niel Gow
The Gander in the pratie hole -Traditional Irish

Jordi Savall plays:
- 6 stringed Treble viol ca. 1750,
- 5 stringed Treble viol ca. 1730, both Nicolas Chappuy
- 5 stringed Treble fiddle, Italy ca. 1500

Andrew Lawrence-King plays:
- Queen Mary Harp, Irish
- Psalterium

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