Ludi Musici - The Spirit of Dance 1450-1650 | Alia Vox AV9853

Ludi Musici - The Spirit of Dance 1450-1650

Label: Alia Vox

Cat No: AV9853

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 9th July 2007



Montserrat Figueras
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Hesperion XXI
Le Concert des Nations


Montserrat Figueras
La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Hesperion XXI
Le Concert des Nations


This CD catalogue 2007 is an exhilarating collection of the most dance-related pieces ever recorded by Jordi Savall since the foundation of his label Alia Vox. It features highlights from the best-selling releases La Folia, Villancicos & Danzas criollas and enables the listener to discover various musical traditions, from 1450 to 1650, from Afghanistan to South America... So, fasten your seatbelt, for you never know where the spirit of dance will take you!

From Orient
1. Afghanistan: Laïla Djân
2. Berbère: Amazigh Lullaby
3. Turquie: Makam 'Uzäl Sakil "Turna"
4. Rhodes: La guirnalda de rosas (Sefardi)
From Italy
5. Ballo: Collinetto (Napoli)
6. Strambotto: Correno multi cani
7. Base dance: La Spagna (Anonyme)
8. Alle Stamenge (Canto Carnascialesco)
From England
9. Gallyard (Anonyme)
10. Lullaby: My little sweet darling (Anon.)
11. Dance (Anonyme)
From France
12. Tourdion: Quand je bois du vin (Anon.)
13. Bourrée d'avignognez (Anonyme)
14. La Folia: Yo Soy la Locura (Du Bailly)
15. Les Nimphes de la Grenouillere (Anon.)
From Gernamy
16. Pavan V Ludi Musici (S. Scheidt)
17. Galliard Battaglia (S. Scheidt)
From Spain
18. Villancico: Yo me soy la morenica
19. Canarios: No piense Menguilla
20. Romanesca: Recercada 7 (D.Ortiz)
21. Baile: Niña como en tus mudanças
From the New World
22. Folias Criollas (Peru)
23. Mestizo e Indio: Tleycantimo (Oaxaca)
24. Guaracha: Ay que me abraso (Mexico)
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