Outstanding Oboe: Best Loved Classical Oboe Music | Naxos 8578178

Outstanding Oboe: Best Loved Classical Oboe Music


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Label: Naxos

Cat No: 8578178

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 8th March 2019



With its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, the oboe has evolved from the rustic medieval shawm and the French Baroque hautbois to become the modern instrument we know today. Italian composers provided the first works befitting of its expressive nature, and ever since, great writers such as J.S. Bach, Handel and Mozart have been inspired by the instrument’s unique, emotive qualities, using it as a medium for some of their most beautiful and delicate melodies. With an equal ability to shine in a chamber setting or to rise above an orchestra, and its distinctive timbre, expressive character and versatility, the oboe continues to be an inspirational and joyful instrument.

The ‘Best Loved’ series of albums covers a wide range of popular instruments, each bringing together a substantial selection of iconic and entertaining works from the vast Naxos catalogue.

Each compilation includes an extensive 16-20 page booklet which provides a full introduction to the instrument, an explanation of how its sound is produced, and descriptions of the pieces.

Each album will serve as an introduction to a specific instrument, with musical examples from the Baroque to the present, and with a mixture of solo, chamber and orchestral works. The series is aimed at listeners who do not have extensive knowledge of classical music, but who are interested to find out more about the instrument featured and about popular repertoire written for it.

The focus in these releases is a light and relaxed approach, rather than academic and theoretical: a joyful exploration and celebration of individual instrumental sounds.

This series will be accompanied by supplementary online playlists that will have additional best loved tracks for each instrument beyond what can be included on a CD.

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