Pure Prairie League: Two Lane Highway & If the Shoe Fits | Dutton CDSML8527

Pure Prairie League: Two Lane Highway & If the Shoe Fits


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Label: Dutton

Cat No: CDSML8527

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 4th August 2017



Pure Prairie League


Pure Prairie League



Two Lane Highway
1. Two Lane Highway (Goshorn)
2. Kentucky Moonshine (Goshorn)
- Chet Atkins (solo guitar)
3. Runner (Powell)
4. Memories (Goshorn; Palmer)
5. Kansas City Southern (Clark)
6. Harvest (Goshorn)
7. Sisterís Keeper (Powell)
8. Just Canít Believe It (Goshorn; Reilly)
- Emmylou Harris (vocal)
9. Give Us a Rise (Powell; Hinds)
10. Iíll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle (Gravenites)
11. Pickiní to Beat the Devil (McGrail)

- Larry Goshorn (lead guitar/background vocals)
- George Ed Powell (guitar/background vocals)
- John David Call (steel guitar/banjo/dobro/background vocals)
- Michael Connor (keyboards)
- William Frank Hinds (drums)
- Mike Reilly (bass guitar/background vocals)
Guest musicians:
- Johnny Gimble (violin)
- Don Felder (mandolin)
- John Rotella (clarinet)
- Vince DeRosa (French horn)

If the Shoe Fits
12. Thatíll Be the Day (Allison; Holly; Petty)
13. I Can Only Think of You (L Goshorn; Reilly)
14. Sun Shone Lightly (T Goshorn)
15. Long Cold Winter (L Goshorn; Powell; Reilly)
16. Lucille Crawfield (Powell)
17. Gimme Another Chance (L Goshorn)
18. Arenít You Mine (Powell; Hinds)
19. You Are So Near To Me (Powell)
20. Out on the Street (L Goshorn)
21. Goiní Home (L Goshorn)

- Larry Goshorn (lead guitar)
- George Ed Powell (guitar)
- John David Call (steel guitar/banjo/dobro)
- Michael Connor (keyboards)
- Mike Reilly (bass guitar)
- William Frank Hinds (drums)

Multi-ch Stereo: All tracks available in stereo and multi-channel

SACD: This hybrid CD can be played on any standard CD players

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