Rock-A-Billy Cowboys: 250 Original Recordings | Documents 600014

Rock-A-Billy Cowboys: 250 Original Recordings


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Label: Documents

Cat No: 600014

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 10

Release Date: 12th November 2012



Johnny Cash
Marty Robbins
Bill Haley & The Saddlemen
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Jerry Lee Lewis
Brenda Lee
Johnny Horton
Carl Phillips
Hank Thompson
Faron Young


Johnny Cash
Marty Robbins
Bill Haley & The Saddlemen
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Jerry Lee Lewis
Brenda Lee
Johnny Horton
Carl Phillips
Hank Thompson
Faron Young


This glorious 10-CD box set contains 250 original Rockabilly recordings featuring Johnny Cash, Carl Phillips, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Hank Thompson, Faron Young, Bill Haley & The Saddlemen and many others. All the tracks were recorded between 1947 and 1960 but with the vast majority coming from the 1950s.


CD 1
1. Johnny Cash: Cry, Cry, Cry
2. Cliff Johnson: Go Away Hound Dog
3. Al Terry: Watch Dog
4. Johnny Horton: Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
5. Pee Wee King: Catty Town
6. Stonewall Jackson: Smoke Along The Track
7. Gene Davis: Muleskinner Blues
8. George Thumper Jones: Who Shot Sam
9. Carl Phillips: Salty Dog Blues
10. Maddox Brothers: Ugly and Slouchy
11. Van Brothers: Servant Of Love
12. Marvin Rainwater: Mister Blues
13. Sammy Masters: Flat Feet
14. Emery Blades: Look What You Done To Me
15. Bill Browning & The Echo Valley Boy: Breaking Hearts
16. Hank Williams: Move It On Over
17. Don Gibson: Sweet Sweet Girl
18. Bobby Pedrick Jr.: White Bucks And Saddle Shoes
19. Bobby Lord: Everybody's Rockin' But Me
20. The Strikes: I Don't Want To Cry Over You
21. Hank Thompson: Rockin' In The Congo
22. Autry Inman: Be Bop Baby
23. Roy Moss: You're My Big Baby Now
24. Curtis Gordon: Rocky Road Of Love
25. Paris Brothers: This Is It

CD 2
1. Marty Robbins: Mean Mama Blues
2. Ernie Howlin & The Blue Shadow Boys: Tally Ho
3. Marvin Rainwater: Baby Don't Go
4. Brenda Lee: Jambalaya
5. George Thumper Jones: Rock It
6. George & Earl: Done Gone
7. Ray Parks: You're Gonna Have To Ball, That's All
8. Johnny Horton: I'm Coming Home
9. Jimmy Lloyd: Where The Rio Rosa Flows
10. Johnny Cash: Get Rhythm
11. Don Gibson: I'm Movin' On
12. Dave Brockman: Feel Sorry For Me
13. Jerry Reed: I'm Stuck
14. Tennessee Ernie Ford & Ella Mae Morse: False Hearted Girl
15. Jimmy & Johnny: I Can't Find The Doorknob
16. Jimmy Newman: Bop-A-Hula
17. Webb Pierce: Teenage Boogie
18. Mac Curtis: Granddaddy's Rockin'
19. Sid King & The Five Strings: Sag, Drag And Fall
20. George Thumper Jones: White Lightnin'
21. Jack Guthrie: Oakie Boogie
22. Curtis Gordon: Rompin' And Stompin'
23. Louvin Brothers: Freight Train Boogie
24. Joyce Poynter: Chili Dippin' Baby
25. Sonny James: Uh Uh Mm

CD 3
1. Johnny Cash: All Over Again
2. George Thumper Jones: How Come It
3. Marty Robbins: Tennessee Toddy
4. Tennessee Ernie Ford: Kissin' Bug Boogie
5. Marvin Rainwater: Hot And Cold
6. Arnold Parker: Find A New Woman
7. Webb Pierce: I Ain't Never
8. Hal Andrews: Brown Eyed Girl
9. Johnny Horton: Honky Tonk Man
10. Glenn Barber: Ice Water
11. Joe Kozak: Hillbilly Rock
12. Little Billy Stoltz & The Stoltz Bros.: Rock And Roll Riot
13. The Rhythm Kings: Billy Boy
14. Bill Reeder: Till I Waltz Again With You
15. The Rhythm Jesters: Rock To The Music
16. Lefty Frizzell: You're Humbuggin' Me
17. Marty Robbins: Pretty Mama
18. Red Foley: Crazy Little Guitar Man
19. Wayne Raney: Shake Baby Shake
20. Jimmy Murphy: Sixteen Tons Rock 'n' Roll
21. Johnny Horton: I'm A One Woman Man
22. Curtis Gordon: Sittin' On Top
23. Johnny Cash: Mean Eyed Cat
24. Pico Pete: Hot Dog
25. Tennessee Ernie Ford: The Shot Gun Boogie

CD 4
1. Johnny Horton: Cherokee Boogie
2. Ralph Pruitt: Hey Mister Porter
3. Art Buchanan: Time Will Tell
4. Marty Robbins: Long Tall Sally
5. Big Jeff & The Radio Playboys: Juke Box Boogie
6. Bill Browning & The Echo Valley Boys: Hula Rock
7. Bunny Paul: History
8. Hawkshaw Hawkins: Pan American
9. Billy Martin: If It's Lovin' That You Want
10. Penny West & The Lucky Penny Trio: Needle In A Haystack
11. Johnny McAdams: Is There No Love For Me, Love?
12. Jimmy Boyd: Crazy Mixed-Up Blues
13. Ray Hudson & The Western Rhythmaires: The Blues Walked Away
14. Hank Spurling: Box Car Blues
15. Rocking Martin: All Because Of You
16. Don Winters: Pretty Moon
17. Johnny Horton Honky Tonk Mind
18. Sonny Cole: I Dreamed I Was Elvis
19. Corky Jones (Buck Owens): Hot Dog
20. Emery Blades: I Feel Like A Million
21. Sid Silver: Bumble Rumble
22. Lee Slaughters & The Cumberland Playboys: Rock And Roll World
23. Randy Spangler & The Country Cats: Rock'n Roll Baby
24. Marty Robbins: Maybelline
25. Bill Floyd: Hey Boy

CD 5
1. Bob Luman: Blue Days, Black Nights
2. Leon & Carlos: Rock Everybody
3. Tom James: Track Down Baby
4. Tommy Spurlin: Heart Throb
5. Don Head: Goin' Strong
6. Cliff Davis & His Kentucky Playboys: Rocky Road Blues
7. Curtis Gordon: Mobile, Alabama
8. Tom James: Hey Baby
9. Buck Trail: The Blues Keep Knocking
10. Howard Chandler: Wampus Cat
11. Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys: Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie No.2
12. Bill Browning: I'll Pay You Back
13. Charlie Brown: Have You Heard The Gossip
14. Curtis Gordon: Play The Music Louder
15. Bobby Roberts & The Bad Habits: Cravin'
16. Skip Goodspeed: Only Two Me and You
17. Curley Langley: Linda Lou
18. Luke McDaniel: Whoa Boy
19. Norma Beasler: Greenback Dollar
20. Billy Jack: Wills All She Wants To Do Is Rock
21. Gayle Griffith: Rockin' and Knockin'
22. Joe Hudgins: Where'd You Stay Last Night
23. Charlie Adams: Cattin' Around
24. Jimmy Manship: Teenage Sweetie
25. Billy Hall: Move Over Rover

CD 6
1. Burt Kline: Shove Off Short Stuff
2. Don Hager: Liza Jane Bop
3. Tillman Franks & His Rainbow Boys: Hi-Tone Poppa
4. Curley Langley & His Western All Stars: Rockin' and Rollin'
5. Jimmy & Johnny: Sweet Love On My Mind
6. Paul Durham: Mean Woman Married Man Blues
7. Carl Smith: Go Boy Go
8. Rex & Herb: Come Back Big Bertha
9. Lee Emerson: I Cried Like A Baby
10. Vernon Stewart: Mean, Mean Baby
11. Rusty Howard: No Help Wanted
12. Kenny Brown & Arkansas Ramblers: Throw 'A Little Wood On 'The Fire
13. Faron Young: Honey Stop
14. Jerry Reed: When I Found You
15. Skeets McDonald: You Better Not Go
16. Louvin Brothers: Cash On The Barrelhead
17. Rose Maddox: My Little Baby
18. Tennessee Ernie Ford: Smokey Mountain Boogie
19. Tommy Collins: Black Cat
20. Farmer Boys: Cool Down Mama
21. Jean Shepard: He's My Baby
22. Hank Thompson: Lost John
23. Cliffie Stone: Jump Rope Boogie
24. Jimmie Heap: Sebbin' Come Elebbin'
25. Faron Young: When It Rains, It Pours

CD 7
1. Hank Thompson: A Six Pack To Go
2. Dub Dickerson: My Gal Gertie
3. Jerry Reed: Mister Whizz
4. Faron Young: I Can't Dance
5. Bob Luman: Everybody's Talkin'
6. Tennessee Ernie Ford: Hey Mister Cottonpicker
7. Skeets McDonald: Don't Push Me Too Far
8. Louvin Brothers: Red Hen Hop
9. Rose Maddox: Move It On Over
10. Farmer Boys: My Baby Done Left Me
11. Jean Shepard: Jeopardy
12. Ferlin Husky: Draggin' The River
13. Milo Twins: Baby Buggie Boogie
14. Jimmy Heap: Go Ahead On
15. Merle Travis: Merle's Boogie Woogie
16. Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan: Juke Box Boogie
17. Gene O'Quin: Too Hot To Handle
18. Sonny James: You've Got That Touch
19. Merle Kilgore: Everybody Needs A Little Lovin'
20. Hank Thompson: Deep Elem
21. Gene Henslee: Diggin' 'n' Datin'
22. Wally Lewis: Lover Boy
23. Faron Young: Last Night At A Party
24. Tennessee Ernie Ford: Blackberry Boogie
25. Jerry Reed: You Make It, They Take it

CD 8
1. Billy Briggs: Chew Tobacco Rag
2. Hawkshaw Hawkins: Rebound
3. Faron Young: Alone With You
4. Merle Kilgore: Ernie
5. Skeets McDonald: You're There
6. Al Jones: Loretta
7. Gene Henslee: Rockin' Baby
8. Merle Travis: Louisiana Boogie
9. Bob Luman: Make Up Your Mind Baby
10. Dick Banks: Dirty Dog
11. Junior Thompson: Raw Deal
12. Jerry Lee Lewis: End Of The Road
13. Jerry Reed: Rockin' In Baghdad
14. Slim Rhodes: Gonna Romp and Stomp
15. The Miller Sisters: Ten Cats Down
16. Johnny Cash: I Walk the Line
17. Ray Scott: Boppin' Wigwam Willie
18. Hayden Thompson: I Love My Baby
19. Billy Briggs: Chew Tobacco No.2
20. Johnny Tate: Bop with Me Baby
21. Jimmy Martin: Rock the Bop
22. Billie High: Wondering If You Still Care
23. Jerry Lee Lewis: Crazy Arms
24. Bob Luman: All Night Long
25. Merle Kilgore: Ride Jessie Ride

CD 9
1. Tommy Jackson: Flat Top Box
2. Rusty Draper: Pink Cadillac
3. Jimmy Martin: Red Bobby Sox
4. Carl E.: Tyndall Hillbilly Rock
5. Dale Vaughn: High Steppin'
6. Rudy Thacker: Black Train
7. Buddy Wright: You Let The Moon Brake Your Heart
8. Mike Miller: Don't Mess Up My Hair
9. Frank Starr: The Dirty Bird Song
10. Tony & Jackie: Lamie Wore To A Frazzel
11. Ray Taylor: Clocking My Card
12. Hank Rector: I'm Gonna Let You Go
13. Bobby Rutledge: Go Slow Fatso
14. Hunter Watts: Wild Man Rock
15. The String Breakers: Big City
16. Avery Monte: Grandpa's Twist
17. Lynn Billingsley: Childhood Boogie
18. Art Ontario: Wiggie Walkin' Boogie
19. Chuck Atha: OOH: EEE (What You Do to Me)
20. Lonnie Mullins: It Was You
21. Johnny Watson: Come To The Party
22. Al Urban: Gonna Be Better Times
23. Rusty Draper: Tiger Lilly
24. Bobby Hodge: Gonna Take My Guitar
25. Norman Bullock: Lies, Lies, Lies

CD 10
1. Don Boots: Big Foot Annie
2. Tony & Jackie: Lamie Sunset Blues
3. Wibby Lee: I'm Lost Without Your Love
4. Rusty Draper: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
5. Grover Gaddie: High Stepping Daddy
6. Pete Nantz: Juke Box Pearl
7. Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt: Hey Baby
8. Speck & Doyle Wright: Music To My Ear
9. Gene Parson's Band: Night Club Rock & Roll
10. Big Jeff: Juke Box Boogie
11. Lonesome Long John: Roller Long John's Flagpole Rock
12. Hender Saul: I Ain't Gonna Rock Tonight
13. Jim Pike & The Kephart Rockets: Shaken and a Shuttern
14. The Hodges Brothers: I'm Gonna Rock Some Too
15. Hawkshaw Hawkins: Waitin' For My Baby (Rock, Rock)
16. Lynn Pratt: Tom Cat Boogie
17. Chuck Rivers: All Alone At Night
18. Bill Haley & The Saddlemen: Juke Box Cannonball
19. Jimmy John: Solid Rock
20. Riley Crabtree: She Loves Me Better
21. Rocky Bill Ford: Have You Seen Mabel
22. Cecil Bowman & The Arrows: Blues Around My Door
23. Jape Richardson (Big Bopper) & The Japetts: Crazy Blues
24. The Pedigo Brothers: She's Gone
25. Marvin Jackson: Gee Whiz, Miss Liz

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