Rock-A-Billy Vol.2: Rock and Roll & Hillbilly | Documents 233313

Rock-A-Billy Vol.2: Rock and Roll & Hillbilly


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Label: Documents

Cat No: 233313

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 10

Release Date: 18th July 2011



Roy Orbison
Gene Vincent
Buddy Holly
Ricky Nelson
Elvis Presley
Chuck Berry
Marty Robbins
Wanda Jackson


Roy Orbison
Gene Vincent
Buddy Holly
Ricky Nelson
Elvis Presley
Chuck Berry
Marty Robbins
Wanda Jackson


10-CD box set that contains 200 original rockabilly hits and rarities. Featuring tracks by Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Marty Robbins, Ricky Nelson, Wanda Jackson and many others.


CD 1
1. Wanda Jackson: Rock Your Baby
2. Guido D'Amico: Jimmy Boy
3. Joe Clay: Sixteen Chicks
4. Elvis Presley: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
5. Ray St. Germain: She's A Square
6. Jimmy Dell: I've Got A Dollar
7. Billy Barnett: Romp And Stomp
8. The Rock-A-Tunes: You're Some Kind Of Nice
9. Sonny West: Sweet Rockin' Baby
10. Ric Cartey: Born To Love One Woman
11. Elroy Dietzel: Rock-N-Bones
12. Sonny Burgess: We Wanna Boogie
13. Billy Guitar: Here Comes The Night
14. Gene Morris: Lovin' Honey
15. Roy Orbison: Go Go Go (Down The Line)
16. Jimmy Dell: Teeny Weeny
17. Glenn Barber: Ice Water
18. Dick Robinson: The Boppin' Martian
19. Martha Carson: Now Stop
20. Ted Daigle: Mary Lou

CD 2
1. Dale Hawkins: Susie Q
2. Roy Orbison: Almost Eighteen
3. Joey Castle: That Ain't Nothing But Right
4. Ray Harris: Come On Little Mama
5. Bob King: Rockin' Jukebox
6. Maylon Humphries: Woried 'Bout You Baby
7. Charlie Feathers: Bottle To The Baby
8. Jack Bailey: Oh What Love Is
9. Bobby & Terry Caraway: Ballin' Keen
10. Bobby Boston: Lazy Daisy
11. Narvel Felts: Honey Love
12. Elvis Presley: I Got A Woman
13. Gene Maltais: The Bug
14. R. Dean Taylor: At The High School Dance
15. Loy Clingman: Rockin' Down Mexico Way
16. The Phaetons: I Love My Baby
17. Frankie Dee: Shake It Up Baby
18. Joe D. Johnson: Rattlesnake Daddy
19. The Rockin' R's: Crazy Baby
20. Dickie Damron: Gonna Have A Party

CD 3
1. Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio: Eager Beaver Baby
2. Joe Kozak: Hillbilly Rock
3. Buddy Holly: Love Me
4. Charlie Feathers: Tongue Tied Jill
5. Tommy Bell: Swamp Gal
6. Jim Flaherty's Caravan: Real Gone Daddy (voc. Howie Stange)
7. Ted Daigle: Red Hen Hop
8. Roy Orbison: Chicken Hearted
9. Jimmy Gray: Chicksville USA
10. Carl McVoy: Tootsie
11. Sonny Burgess: Red Headed Woman
12. Roy Hall: Diggin' The Boogie
13. Benny Joy: Spin The Bottle
14. Benny Cliff: Shake Um Up Rock
15. Jim Morrison: Ready To Rock
16. Gene Summers: School Of Rock `N' Roll ?
17. Curtis Gordon: Draggin'
18. Little Billy Stoltz & The Stoltz Bros.: Rock And Roll Riot
19. Elvis Presley: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
20. Johnny Carroll: Wild Wild Women

CD 4
1. Ricky Nelson: Boppin' The Blues
2. George Hamilton IV: Everybody's Body
3. Hal Willis: My Pink Cadillac
4. Janis Martin: Bang Bang
5. Gene Vincent: Be Bop A Lula
6. Al Casey: If I Told You
7. Jesse James: Red Hot Rockin' Blues
8. Teddy Redell: Pipeliner
9. Kimball Coburn: Please Please
10. Judy Faye: Rocky-Rolly-Lover-Boy
11. Bill Reeder: Till I Waltz Again With You
12. Jay B. Lloyd: I'm So Lonely
13. The Blue Tones: Shake Shake
14. Elvis Presley: My Baby Left Me
15. Carl McVoy: Little John's Gone
16. Buddy Holly: I'm Looking For Someone To Love
17. Don Wade: Oh Love
18. Gene Summers: Twixteen
19. Rhythm Jesters: Rock To The Music
20. Benny Banta: Cry Little Girlie

CD 5
1. Elvis Presley: Money Honey
2. Gene Summers: Straight Skirt
3. Larry Dowd: Pink Cadillac
4. Mickey Hawks: Bip Bop Boom
5. Buddy Burke: That Big Old Moon
6. Hank Mizell: Jungle Rock
7. Tommy Scott & His Ramblers: Cat Music (voc. Tex Harper)
8. Jack Lane: King Fool
9. Art Adams: Rock Crazy Baby
10. Ricky Nelson: Your True Love
11. Ronnie Dawson: Rockin' Bones
12. Danny Dell: Froggy Went A Courting (Traditional) 1959
13. Chuck Berry: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
14. Darrell Rhodes: Lou Lou
15. Gene Vincent: Jump Back Honey Jump Back
16. Al Hendrix: Rhonda Lee
17. T. Texas Tyler: Shake `Em Up Rock
18. Carl Perkins: Glad All Over
19. Joyce Green: Black Cadillac
20. Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away

CD 6
1. Buddy Holly: Ting: A: Ling
2. Billy Eldridge: Let's Go Baby
3. Carl Phillips: Wigwam Willie
4. Dwight Pullen: Teenage Bug
5. Eddie Cochran: Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie
6. Mac Vickery: High School Blues
7. Jerry Kennedy: Teenage Love Is Misery
8. Hasil Adkins: Chicken Walk
9. Elvis Presley: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
10. Jackie Lee Cochran: I Want You
11. Tommy Sands: The Worryin' Kind
12. Chuck Berry: Oh Baby Doll
13. Jimmy Wolford: My Name Is Jimmy
14. Mickey Hawks: Rock And Roll Rhythm
15. Gene Vincent: Jumps, Giggles and Shouts
16. Roy Hall: Three Alley Cats
17. Billy Harlan: I Wanna Bop
18. Lefty Frizzell: You're Humbuggin' Me
19. Eddie Quinteros: Come Dance With Me
20. Ricky Nelson: Stood Up

CD 7
1. Eddie Cochran: Somethin' Else
2. Ricky Nelson: If You Can't Rock Me
3. Lloyd Copas: Circle Rock
4. Eddie Quinteros: Lindy Lou
5. Tom Tall: Stack-A-Records
6. Jerry Engler: Sputnik
7. Bob Luman: Try Me
8. Buddy Holly: Rock Me My Baby
9. Billy Lamont: Country Boy
10. Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes (Freeman) 1958 # 20
11. Chuck Berry: Beautiful Delilah
12. Mickey Gilley: Call Me Shorty ?
13. Ray Sharpe: Oh My Baby's Gone
14. Gene Vincent: Bi-Bickey-Bi-Bo-Bo-Go
15. Fat Daddy Holmes: Chicken Rock (Instrumental)
16. Mickey Hawks: Screamin' Mimi Jeanie
17. Jimmy Spellman: Doggonit
18. Roy Hall: See You Later Alligator
19. Marty Robbins: Pretty Mama
20. Elvis Presley: Ready Teddy

CD 8
1. Carl Philipps: Salty Dog Blues
2. Gene Vincent: Race With The Devil
3. Peanuts Wilson: Cast Iron Arm
4. Ricky Nelson: Just a Little Too Much
5. Barbara Allen: Sweet Willie
6. Mickey Hawks: Cotton Pickin' (Instrumental)
7. Rex Allen: Knock Knock Rattle
8. Elvis Presley: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
9. Jo Ann Campbell: You're Driving Me Mad
10. Boyd Bennett: Move
11. Ray Sharpe: Monkey's Uncle
12. Eddie Cochran: Sweety Pie
13. Niki Sullivan: It's All Over
14. Red Foley: Crazy Little Guitar Man
15. Ronnie Self: Ain't I'm A Dog
16. Ricky Nelson: It's Late
17. Bobby Freeman: Big Fat Woman
18. Eddie Quinteros: Slow Down Sandy
19. Larry Terry: Hep Cat
20. Ivan: Real Wild Child

CD 9
1. Jackie Morningstar: Rockin' In The Graveyard
2. Eddie Cochran: Nervous Breakdown
3. Vince Maloy: Hubba Hubba Ding Ding
4. Hal Willis: Bop-A-Dee-Bop-A-Doo
5. Elvis Presley: I Got Stung
6. Bobby Brant: Piano Nellie
7. Jay Cee Hill: She's Gone
8. Mad Man Taylor: Rock `N' Roll Espanole
9. Bobby Freeman: Shame On You Miss Johnson
10. Ricky Nelson: There's Good Rockin' Tonight
11. Andy Starr: Round And Round
12. Marty Robbins: Long Tall Sally
13. The Chaparrals: Leapin' Guitar (Instrumental)
14. Ivan: Oh You Beautiful Doll
15. Wayne Raney: Shake Baby Shake
16. Ersel Hickey: Goin' Down That Road
17. Jeff Daniels: Switch Blade Sam
18. Jay B. Lloyd: You're Just My Kind
19. Jimmy Isle: Goin' Wild
20. Gene Vincent: Say Mama

CD 10
1. John D. Loudermilk: Susie's House
2. Ronnie Allen: Juvenile Delinquent
3. Ricky Nelson: My Babe
4. The Rock-A-Teens: Janis Will Rock
5. Scotty McKay: Evenin' Time
6. Marty Robbins: Maybelline
7. Bernie Early: Rock Doll
8. Gene Vincent: Be-Bop Boogie Boy
9. Debbie Stevens: If You Can't Rock Me
10. Jimmy Murphy: Sixteen Tons Rock `N' Roll
11. Billy Crash Craddock: Boom Boom Baby
12. Elvis Presley: Dirty Dirty Feeling
13. Billy Brown: Flip Out
14. Ronnie Self: Date Bait
15. Eddie Cochran: Teenage Heaven
16. Billy Brown: Meet Me In The Alley, Sally
17. Jimmy Lloyd: I Got A Rocket In My Pocket
18. Ricky Nelson: One Of These Mornings
19. Jackie Gotroe: Lobo Jones
20. Carl Perkins: Where The Rio De Rosa Flows

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