Max Richter’s Out of the Dark Room | Milan Records 9903998732

Max Richter’s Out of the Dark Room

Label: Milan Records

Cat No: 9903998732

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: 5th May 2017


A Max Richter anthology, featuring his most beautiful compositions for films. Within the past few years, Max Richter has emerged as one of the leading figures in contemporary music. The work of this German-British composer (born in 1966) is marked by eclecticism: concert music, film scores, ballet, opera, and his many solo albums have enjoyed great success.

Max Richter is at the crossroad of many contemporary artistic languages through a wide variety of collaborations (Tilda Swinton, Robert Wyatt, Future Sound of London, Roni Size). As one might expect from a student of Luciano Berio, his work explores a very wide range of currents and influences.

In this universe, film music occupies a privileged position and the variety of filmmakers Richter has worked with reflects the ductility of his inspiration. Regarding the role of music in a film, he once wrote: “I think music is a kind of amniotic fluid and that the film lives in it. Sometimes music can be at the forefront, playing a supportive role without even realizing it, but if you take it away you would miss out on the basics.”

This album features the most beautiful excerpts of the soundtracks to Waltz with Bashir, Sarah’s Key, Wadjda, Disconnect, The Congress, and Testament of Youth.

Finnish artist Heidi Gabrielsson has designed the artwork.


CD 1:
Waltz with Bashir
1. The Haunted Ocean
2. Any Minute Now / Thinking Back
3. I Swam Out to Sea / Return
4. What Have They Done?
5. The Haunted Ocean 5

Sarah’s Key
6. The Vel d’Hiv
7. The Escape
8. When She Came Back
9. The Tree, the Beach, the Sea
10. Julia’s Journey
11. Julia Walking
12. Sarah’s Notebook

13. Wadjda’s Journey
14. Conversation
15. Sequence
16. The Release

CD 2:
1. The Swimmer
2. Unwritten
3. Break In

The Congress
4. Beginning and Ending
5. On the Road to Abrahama
6. In the Cosmic Lobby
7. Out of the Dark

Testament of Youth
8. Love and Imagination
9. The Rising of the Sun
10. These I Send to You
11. Returning Over the Nightmare Ground
12. I Will Not Forget You

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