Tomas Haigh - 6 Concertos for Harpsichord | MSR Classics MS1441

Tomas Haigh - 6 Concertos for Harpsichord


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Label: MSR Classics

Cat No: MS1441

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental



Barbara Harbach (harpsichord)


Haigh, Thomas

Concertos (6) for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte


Barbara Harbach (harpsichord)


Thomas Haigh (1769-c.1808) was a pianist, violinist and composer. He studied with Franz Joseph Haydn in London during Haydn’s first visit to London in 1791-1792 and dedicated his Violin Sonatas Op.8 and Op.10 to Haydn. Haigh arranged many of Haydn’s works for piano such as Symphonies No.70 and No.81 as well as the Armida Overture. Several of Haigh’s publications appear to date from 1815-1819, and it may be that Haigh died later than 1808, since posthumous publication of new works rarely occurred.

Six Concertos for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte with accompaniments for two Violins and Cello was published in London for the author in 1783. Barbara Harbach has chosen to record the Six Concertos as solo harpsichord concertos without the accompanying violins and violoncello. In the time of Haigh, it was fashionable and accepted to write accompanied and unaccompanied concertos. Thomas Arne (1710-1778) wrote six keyboard concertos that may be played with or without the two oboes and strings.

Barbara Harbach has toured extensively as both concert organist and harpsichordist throughout the United States and Canada, and internationally in Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany,  Hungary, Japan, Korea, Romania, Serbia and Siberia. Harbach’s lively performances and recordings have captured the imagination of many American composers, and the body of work written for and dedicated to her is substantial. She is involved in the research, editing, publication and recording of manuscripts of 18th-century keyboard composers, as well as of historical and contemporary women composers. As an accomplished and prolific composer herself, Harbach has a large catalogue of works, including symphonies, operas and ballets; works for chamber and string ensemble; musicals and film scores; works for organ, harpsichord and piano; choral anthems; and  arrangements for brass and organ of Baroque music.

Harpsichord by Willard Martin (1989), copy of an 18th-century two-manual instrument by François Blanchet

“Harbach’s playing is delightful, relentless, and in strict tempo when the music demands, backing off when her ‘solo’ parts come in with their only slightly varied lines. She performs each of the fast movements energetically, and the slow movements with considerable grace… [For anyone] looking for sheer joyous entertainment, you should obtain this excellent disc.” – Bertil van Boer, Fanfare, July/August 2013

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