Chaplin - Modern Times (OST) | Warner 9903998892

Chaplin - Modern Times (OST)


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Label: Warner

Cat No: 9903998892

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: 17th February 2017




Alfred Newman


Chaplin, Charlie

Modern Times



Alfred Newman


Among the interesting themes from this remarkable from-end-to-end soundtrack, let’s point out The Factory Set’s comical theme accompanying the action of the factory line; we can identify this repetitive rhythm (Tac Tac Tac Tac…). The Sleeping Girl’s theme accompanies the young girl, which begins with four notes of clarinet (B flat, C, D flat, B), a kind of mark of destiny. But now the tempo speeds up, like her tumultuous life that she constantly flees for.

But the most important thing about Modern Times is that we can hear Chaplin’s voice for the first time: he performs in grammelot Léo Daniderff’s song Je cherche après Titine. Chaplin’s version is also known as The Nonsense Song. The lyrics don’t mean anything indeed but are just a gibberish made of Italian and French words:

« Se bella piu satore, je notre so catore,
Je notre qui cavore, je la que, la qui, la quoi !
Le spinash or le busho, cigaretto toto bello,
Ce rakish spagoletto, si la tu, la tu, la tua !
Senora pelefima, voulez-vous le taximeter,
Le zionta sur la tita, tu la tu la tu la wa ! »

And this first time also was the last time. The Tramp character made his ultimate appearance in Modern Times.

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