Overtones: Les Saisons harmoniques | Harmonia Mundi HMC902229

Overtones: Les Saisons harmoniques

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Label: Harmonia Mundi

Cat No: HMC902229

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 19th August 2016



Wu Wei (sheng)
Wang Li (Jew’s harp)


Wu Wei (sheng)
Wang Li (Jew’s harp)


Launched in 2015, ‘Latitudes’ is a new series from the Harmonia Mundi classical label dedicated to ‘classical music of the world’. The series is dedicated to recording musicians who, though they operate within the framework of traditional music, bring new light to their art. Their intention is not to challenge the musical traditions of their own countries, but to enrich with invention and creativity.

Wang Li and Wu Wei play the kouxian (Jew’s harp) and the sheng respectively. An astonishing musical encounter between two immense artists of the oriental tradition, one living in Paris, the other in Berlin, who focus their skills on a different breath and time, on harmonics that grip the listener with telluric force. With its inspired use of the Chinese mouth organ and a multitude of instruments including the musicians’ own bodies, this is music that deserves to be experienced.

Track listing:
1. The Chant of Stars
2. Overtone Dance I: Autumn
3. Far Away to Home
4. Overtone Dance II: Summer Wind
5. Overtones of the Sky
6. Sismic Echo
7. Sun and Snow
8. Dragon Dance
9. Morning Prayer
10. Overtone Dance III: Spring
11. Overtone Dance IV: Winter Heart
12. Five Leaf Clover
13. Away

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