Bauckholt - Ich muss mir Dir reden (We must talk) | 2L 2L116SABD

Bauckholt - Ich muss mir Dir reden (We must talk)

Label: 2L

Cat No: 2L116SABD

Format: SACD + Blu-ray Audio

Number of Discs: 2

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 3rd June 2016



Carola Bauckholt (born 21 August 1959) is a German composer. She worked in the theatre at the Marienplatz in Krefeld and studied music from 1978-84 with Mauricio Kagel at the Cologne Musikhochschule. This is her first recording on the innovative Norwegian label 2L and her collaboration with the group Cikada is best described by the composer.

"Cikada had been playing my pieces for a couple of years before I finally had the chance to meet them in 2007 at a concert in Cologne. There they played Keil, a piece that everyone, including me, had largely forgotten after its premiere. They breathed new life into the piece, and I was even surprised myself. It's one of the best experiences when a piece takes on a life of its own and I meet up with it again after it has so to say 'grown up'. In 2009, I received a major commission from Cikada for the pieces Laufwerk and Sog, which shaped my work up to 2013. This commission was the beginning of my intensive involvement in the exciting new music scene in Norway, which continues until today." — Carola Bauckholt

"For me, Carola's music is all about communication and the interplay between different sounds and musical events. Perhaps this explains the title of this album:
Ich muß mit Dir reden (We must talk). When you play her music you almost feel you are participating in a conversation, or some kind of social encounter. Music, in my view, is to a large extent grounded on sounds and their timbres, but these only acquire a truly musical function when they speak to one another and develop a relationship with one another. This strikes me as being what is really important in music." — Kenneth Karlsson

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